Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Wishes to grant

on May-28-17

Here is one I like for my son to have or is he too young for this- microkorg at! Well, we can share! We can dream, someone beside me is telling me right now! I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders as I know, one day, we will just be surprised and voila, we have this already! Well, Christmas is not yet too far! Imagine, it is June already. Yes, high time to plan ahead for the gift list. More time to save too for the wishes that you will grant!

My passion

on May-28-17

I was looking for my amplifiers and my partner told me that it is just there resting at the “garage room”. Well, she knows that I buy too much music stuff. Not too much for me though as I live for them, so to speak? Hahaha! I know I got someone out there who understands my passion and maybe also looking at this new found of mine- cerwin vega subwoofer at Well, I know, I know, I need a whole new room for my instruments and music equipments, no eyes rolling, please.

Not just online

on March-16-17

For my friends in Northridge and who loves guitar, this is for you: I went to the site and saw store schedules and there are tabs regarding Lessons, Rentals and Repairs too. I actually clicked on the LESSONS tab and there I can really find an instructor. Well, yes, a live one, person to person who will visit me and not just online. I really love this site.

Believe it or not, it is the first time that I have seen banjo picks! Pretty ones for the fingers! Well, there are also many designs to choose from. Moreover, these picks are very useful too since I can also use it for my guitar. I do not have a banjo yet and I think it is also my first time to see a banjo. I thought it was a double bass that is a bajo. When I thought that I already know much about music, there are still a lot to learn.

Good hum or hymn

on May-17-16

I am addicted to Empire! Are you watching that show also? I love the music and the story flow. I am imagining myself as one of the artists in the recording studio. I wonder if they use lexicon omega desktop recording studio equipment. Great, great music and so many tracks to listen to! I really love music! I can sit all day ad just listen to a good hum or hymn.

Music Sunday Date

on September-27-13

I have spoken with my friend over lunch about mixers. Well, you can buy one for as low as $99. There are items that are even lower than that. Who would not want good music, huh! It s good that we found something to talk about. That is music. Now, we have a Music Sunday Date! We shall create music and maybe write some songs together. Jam with our guitars. I am so excited.

I was listening to the radio over breakfast and I heard Gray V. songs. Those are Di Bale Na Lang and Paano. Those are two of my favorites. I wonder who revived those songs. Both were good versions. They gave justice to it. I tried searching but to no avail. Anyways, I am just happy listening to the radio again and knowing what is playing. I have not listened to music for a long time and for the new songs, I do not memorize any.