Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on March-16-17

I did not search for this word musiciansfrined anymore as I know that it is a valid word. Well, yes, I am into scrabble lately. Music and words, my two favorite things. In my free time, I try to enrich my vocabulary while humming some notes and eventually, I will be able to come up with something. Then, those times that I am doing that will be considered as productive already, right? well, sometimes, we tend to really spend hours doing nothing but who knows, what you are actually doing is something worthy in the future. I have been thinking about back-ups and maybe I should really turn to my music prowess soon.

What am I doing here?

on September-28-16

Sometimes in life, you just woke up and ask yourself, what am I doing here? Am I happy? What is my purpose? Do I still have the drive to do the things that I do everyday? What makes me move? Do I want to move? Why do I have to do this?

Whew! I woke up like this! I think it is not good at all. Discontentment is trying to enter my mind and I need to resist this.

I need some reflection.

Time to reflect

on October-20-14

I woke up and it is already October 20? The month is about to end and in no time the year 2014 shall say goodbye as well! time to reflect once again/ What have I done for the year 2014? Have I accomplished anything? Did I just go with the flow again? No improvements at all? I know that I have to start planning if I want a bright future. Maybe I am just a contented person as always? It does not mean that I should not dream…

Tragedy in Boston

on April-17-13

The news yesterday morning was really shocking. The images were graphic and I really sort of scolded myself for looking at it. I was really angry. I really could not understand why some people do those kind of things. Then, where was the security? I heard that there was another bombing after the first one? Many people were hurt. Kids, old, men, women. Oh, so painful.

Old and jobless

on February-21-13

Do you fear aging?
Here in our country, most grandpas and grandmas live with their children’s family. I do not know the statistics but based on experience, only few aged people saved for their old age.

I really admire the saving for old age concept. Well, there are many ways.

Some believe that if they take care of their kids like send them to school and give them almost everything then that would be a guarantee that the child would return all of it when the parent is old already.

As of me, I think I should really save for my old age and never expect that someone would take care of me. I really should have savings or money for me to get by when I am old, ugly and jobless.

Add something new to life

on January-13-13

I have just collected so many brochures. I want to have ideas about brochure printing online. Well, printing is really good business. It still is. I am glad. Well, you know, it is still a way to disseminate information. People still need something to hold on to and read about.

How about you? Any new interest for 2013? Well, to keep on moving, though life is like a wheel, we can still add something new to it.

It has been the longest weekend of her life, maybe. Worries. Oh, how to get rid of it? Much as she wants to have a cool life, seems like she cannot just do it right now.

She envies a friend she knows who have been through so much but still enjoys life at its best as projected in social networks. Well, only that person and the persons who love her know what is the real thing.

Do we really have to dwell into problems or maybe just let everything past? Have things go on its own course?

Worrying or making problems a problem would only make you weak, I guess.

Basic life remedy

on March-14-11

Life is definitely a wheel especially if you let it. Well, making your life turn around. Going from up to down. Going up is always good. Going down, I do not want to imagine. Be in the middle and stay there perhaps, then you will not have any problem at all. Pretty basic, I guess. Live clean, save a little, enjoy life, protect yourself from bad elements, do not step into someone else’s toe, and have faith.

Set goals

on January-23-11

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.

— Les Brown

Very true, is it not? Hey, January is about to end. Have you set short term and long term goals for this year? Yes, it does not have to be about career only as it is really stressful. Set goals about life itself. Make that wheel turn. Make sure though that you are going to the right direction. Turn it for good!

A reality

on July-26-10

My computer says that I have limited connectivity. Could it be because of my moving my laptop and pulling the cord? Well, you know, I feel tired already sitting on that chair. Now, I am here at the floor. While I am trying to write this post, I am listening to my favorite show. Why listening and not watching? Well, I have to do some tasks and finish it on time. Yes, I am working while trying to relax at the same time. If only I have enough cash already to afford everything I want then maybe, I do not have to work at all. But, as my friend told me, no guts, no glory. Yes, I am determined to give it all until I could already buy gold bullion. Well, I am not just dreaming. I will surely make this one into a reality.