Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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When your child is growing up and learned to answer back–semmingly treating you as his equal–but then you have to let him realize, hey, I am the older one here and the one still managing your whole life– obey or go away! If only you can do that and still be the good parent, huh?

Parenting is the most challenging thing in this world as a life depends on you. What the child will become is partly how you treat him from child to the state that he will decide to be on his own.

No to boredom

on May-28-17

I had this feeling of boredom this morning?

I was about to have my breakfast and thought to myself, is it what I just do everyday?

Wake up, eat, then work later, then eat, then sleep—a cycle of waking up, eating, working, eating, then sleeping, then waking up again.

Maybe, I really need to add some color to my life like additional activities.

Maybe I will also forget eating—hahaha!

Anyways- I must thank the Good Lord for the Provisioning.

As it is, I am very blessed with what I have now thus I should rejoice in it.

Second Chances

on September-26-15

I think I was given a second chance by the advertiser that I am working for. Thanks You! I was about to procrastinate again and just do it before the deadline but then again I told myself that I never learned and I never change. True enough I already let many opportunities slipped thru my hands. Anyways, here I am trying to make it right. I just hope that I will continue to be like this all the time.

How many of you have considered Funeral preplanning? Before, it is a topic that almost everybody avoids. No one would like to talk about death. It is indeed a lonely story. Today, it is different. Experience is really a good teacher. Well, we all know that as much as living a daily life has a cost, sending someone off to the grave is even more expensive and it is a one big time cut–a big chunk actually of whatever savings you have. Other people even acquired debts when an unexpected death happens, right?

Music class

on October-25-13

Do you know how to play any musical instrument? They say that music makes you feel young and stay young! Those who do not love music are sad people! Music feeds the soul!

When we were kids, we were taught of playing xylophone in our music class. It was really fun. What we have were the multicolored ones! Oh, I can hear the sound right now inside my mind. Now, I will ask my son if they are also being taught to play any musical instrument these days. If not, I might just buy his own xylophone.

Spin the wheel again

on December-3-12

434AM. Disturbed, still sleepy but needed to wake up. It is Monday! Life has to start again.

The past three days–laziness. After doing some random tasks, I just slept the whole day or a couch potato. Well, yikes, I even denied the bathroom. Well, yes, when I am on vacation I just want to be still.

I know when to start the wheel spinning again though. It is Monday.

When instant is easier

on November-23-12

When instant is easier, you just settle for it, right? That is when time management suffers or started suffering, when we depended on instants. Well, my son loves pancit canton. Maybe because whenever he is hungry, it is already available. Maybe because, we his parents did not take time or devote time to cook food for him? Maybe, huh! Indeed, when instant is easier, why should we not choose it right? We just hope that all instants are healthy.

The rich and the poor

on September-13-12

Life is like a wheel. Yes, it is this blog. Well, from time to time it hits me. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down.

Am I that good to feel guilty knowing that in a way I am more blessed than others and I am not sharing it with them? Then, I will not be blessed then after all?

The vow of poverty…then I am going to say, I am not a priest to have that vow.

If all rich people are thinking about poor people then there will be no rich and poor anymore, right?

I really do not know. Everything is contradicting sometimes. Then there is the saying, teach them to fish and do not give them the fish. Maybe, we choose what we want to believe in and whatever is more convenient for us?

I choose, Charity Starts at Home. Maybe, I should choose that? I shall look around and see where my family is. Well, yes, no savings yet for the kid’s future. House is not yet done. No car. … then I shall ask myself again.. do we experience hunger? No.

Save for the rainy days

on August-27-12

Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down. Oh, how many times have I written about this, huh! Yes, I am having this though every time I feel that I am being proud or cruel or powerful or a bully and not kind at all.

Sometimes, they say that we have to save for rainy days. However, it seems that you are actually saving for other’s rainy days, right? Well, I have not helped that much as I am not that rich. However, it is a big sacrifice for me to help that much as if you would look at me, I need things for myself. I do not look rich at all. There are still so many things that I want.

But you know what? I know that I am very much blessed. Maybe, my being not so nice is because I am torn between telling them I would take care of their needs and the need to tell them that they should give value to what is being given to them as it is fruit of hard labor.

Another things, I know that I should teach them how to fish as I am working hard myself also.

God knows what is inside my heart. He knows what I think and what I want to do.

Life cycles

on August-4-12

Life has many cycles. She is turning 40 next year and she is ready for the new twenty! Well, age is a matter of perception maybe. You might sometimes think that you wasted so much time. But then again, I think what you should just focus to is that, there is always another chance and hold onto it right now.

She is not going to wait for her 40th birthday anymore. She would like to start that cycle now.