Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Looking for online jobs

on February-19-17

Well, I have been sitting here for two hours and I have submitted a couple of applications. Who says that it is easy to find a job?
The good thing these days is that there are online jobs available that we could choose from. The key here is to try and try until you are accepted and you get your first blood.
I can still remember my very first opportunity worth $2. I was already jumping for joy then. Well, I never thought that I can really be sort of a Professional writer. I say that because if you are paid then you are a pro.
I hope that I could land more jobs soon. You have to put food on the table and mouths are need to be fed.

How hard it is to earn money

on September-26-15

Sometimes, I am asking myself how hard it is to earn money. Well, it is Biblical that we will really need to work to live. Thanks to Adam and Eve? Seriously, I can say that I am blessed that I have a good job. Then, I thought, I need to really do my best to keep it. So, it is not really that easy, huh? Well, especially that there is competition.

It rings a bell

on January-30-14

I love watching science fictions, medical breakthroughs and even doctor shows. Well, maybe I want to be a doctor myself. I am thinking of going to a chiropractic school. Yes, the art of breaking bones! Have you watched one treatment session? I think that the profession is pretty exciting. Seriously, if you become a practitioner, it will benefit your professional life and the pay is good. Now, it rings a bell, huh!

Name it, I know it!

on November-21-13

I woke up extra early today. I only wake up this early when we are going to travel or during those times that my previous boss would ask me to go with him and buy some supplies for his construction company. Yes, I met all those equipments. I also know how to canvass for good cheaper tiles, bathroom furnitures and accessories, bolts and screws and others. Name it, I could tell the price range! Oh, I miss my previous employer. I would try to call him later and see what is going on with him right now. He is around 75 years old already. I pray that he is still at the best of health.

In sync

on July-7-13

I am working on a project that involves online printing. The project has many facets and I hope that we concentrate on one first. Yes, something like, can we finsh the idea on this aspect first? Sometimes, when you want too many things, you finish nothing. DO you agree?

Anyways, I will just focus on the thing that I know would benefit the project. It is really hard when you are not in sync with your boss.

Elevator blooper

on February-13-13

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.

~ Albert Einstein

Hmm… if avoiding some people counts, then I was not clever a while ago?

Funny but pur head, some managers and supervisors were also to ride the elevator. I thought they were going up and I did not want to wait for the elevator with them so I decided to went down one floor. There’s my turn to go down and you know what? They were there also! Oh, they might have asked themselves also where did I come from. Good thing that people with such intwllect might not think the same. Hahahaha!

Better side

on October-13-12

Good news! The wheel of life has turned to the better side for my sister! Her husband now landed a job in an industrial supply company! It is such a blessing because my brother in law has been jobless for quite some time now. In almost six months he was not able to send any support to his family. Now, he can do it again.

Yes, we must have faith. Through hardwork and good people around, everything will turn out right.

Practical meeting

on January-31-12

I am real glad that we have video conferencing services. One of the important attendees for my meeting this coming Wednesday would be out of town. She is very important because she is the subject matter expert for the project. She told me not to worry and we could just do videoconferencing. How convenient! Actually, we should use that service more often because it is quite practical especially if the attendees are from different locations.

Increase in salary

on April-26-11

Time of the year for Performance Appraisal. How did I fare? I know that I did my best last year but the part of the pie that would complete that is somehow subjective. Behavioral grade might have some criteria but then again, the grader will have control over it. I am just hoping for the best since it would mean an increase in my salary.

For the unexpected

on April-1-11

One of the occupations that I wanted before was to be sort of a banker. You know, count money and do have many cash inside my drawer. Oh, I love the smell of new paper bills and the gold and silver coins are attractive to me. I used to make blank paper money out of bond paper. Oh, how my Aunt scolded me for wasting the rims of coupon bonds in our study room. Then I grew up. I learned more about banking. I learned more about the valuable things that you can put in a bank. You can put there not just money and coins but also valuable pieces of jewelries, land titles, security certificates and others. It depends on the security box that you would get. Oh, how rich a bank maybe. Because of this, I imagine how dangerous bankers life maybe. Well, we have heard many cases of robbery in banks and those are really ugly, so to speak.

Well, my neighbor is still working in one of the most prestigious banks here in our country. I wonder if they have
bankers life and casualty at their company. Well, they must have. I salute all people who works in banks from the security guard to the president or anyone who holds the highest position in a working bank for that matter. Bankers are really one of our good neighbors as they serve as every time we go there , first to inquire, then to finally entrust them our money.

That reminds me, I have to go to the bank today. Well, gladly, there is no instance yet of robbery in the bank I go to. I hope there will be none. That made me think about insurance of banks. Well, its coverage in the sense that the customers or the depositors are also covered.

Anyways, I just wish everyone safe and in whatever occupation you are in, it is better to have some security for anything that is unexpected.