Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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All that

on December-18-16

How cool it is to play a jay turser electric guitar? That I have to find out later. We are going to a nearby town where a new band is playing in one of the more popular places there. It is a good thing to do this weekend. Relax, drink a little and listen to music and some dancing too. I cannot wait for tonight and be able to do all that.


on September-28-16

I need earphones when I watch movies and listen to music, that is why, I love shure 215! I can say that I have finally found the earphones suited for my ears as I can clearly hear all the sounds that I want to hear. No blurring or anything bad sound in the background. Just crisp and clear!

It is Christmas time! I do not mind to have stocks of earphones so everyone can give me that, I will gladly accept! :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

on March-28-16

Yes, it is the time of the year once again. I actually love Easter! I met the love of my life during these times. It is just that, this day falls in a different day each year. I met my loves one Easter morning and I think it was March 31. Well, when was it? Let me check. Yeah, it was in 1991. Hmmm… nice date, huh! Now, I think I am inspired to compose a song with that title. Taylor Swift is really a music genius with Album titles, concepts and her songs! I really admire her.


on September-27-15

Yes, the show, CHARMED> I love that show. Thank you Entertainment Channel for bringing it back. I must admit I was able to watch almost all of the episodes when I was younger and barely a teenager at that but I think I already forgot some episodes. Indeed, when you get older, you seem to decongest. Yes, like a computer, you need to have some kind of reformatting and delete some files for new ones.

American Hustle

on March-8-14

I would like to watch American Hustle but I am really sleepy already. I woke up 7Am and had no nap since that time. I really want to have an eye shut already. Maybe I would just watch tomorrow. I expect it to be an entertaining movie.

Jennifer or Angelina

on August-3-13

Well, I just read an article about bride wars between Angelina and Jennifer. Well, the two women in Brad Pitt’s life. They are both getting married? Pretty women, huh!

In the article, Jennifer won! Well, the contest was about guests, gowns, rings and what have you in a wedding and its preparations!

Lucky men!

Get his Juliet

on June-23-13

I never thought that there is something like romeo and juliet cigars. Well, grandma and grandpa can have each one. Well, cigars by the way are not just for them. I have a friend who really prefers cigars over ordinary cigarette. Well, the smoke maybe is the reason? The cigars have a different aroma and maybe taste too. I have not tried one. Maybe I should ask my friend one time. I will also tell him to get his Juliet.

Oh, it was January 26 since I last wrote about American Idol and now they are down to top 7! Imagine that! They have five girls and two boys. There is a prediction that a girl will win this season. I believe so. The question now is who.

Kree is a front runner. She is a favorite and she can sing too.

Then there is Candice. She is a second timer and was booted out last season and now a favorite too? Well, she definitely can sing.

Then, another repeater- Janelle. A pretty face but the voice is not enough.

Another repeater in Amber who they say can sing flawlessly. Then why boot her out last season, eh? Oh, she really can sing well but not getting the votes.

Another favorite is Angela who looks like Miley Cyrus.

The two boys? Do not mind them as surely they will be going away in the next episodes.

A doctor in American Idol

on January-26-13

A doctor in American Idol! Wow! That is something new, huh! A singing doctor. Well, a physiatrist at that, huh! As they say, there is a point in our lives that we need to chase our dreams. Maybe the doctor really wanted to become a singer? Or, maybe he would just like to take a break from the bones and the muscles?

It is Janine Tugonon’s Turn! Well, it is only now that I am writing about the recent Ms. Universe Pageant as I watched the whole show just last night. Janine was great! She really made Filipinos proud. Her feat on the contest scene is really inspiring. She was first runner up in the Bb. Pilipinas competetion last 2011 when Chamsey Supsup won. Janine did not lose hope nor gave up and decided to compete again year 2012. She succeeded and eventually got the title that she coveted for and the rest is history!

Congratulations, Ms. Janine Tugonon for being the First Runner Up… of the Ms. Universe 2012 this time. :)