Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Play a song

on May-31-15

Vacation is almost over. I really hope that the kods enjoyed it! My nephews asked me if I could take them to: guitar center! Well, I know that they have been checking out items online and they wanted to really purchase a new music instrument. I smiled and told them that whoever could play a complete song using my guitar would eran a prize from the guitar center. They were ecstatic! They asked me to give them another week to practice. So be it, boys!

I really hope that I will be given more opportunities for this blog. Maybe, I should also write more? I am actually trying to find a new concept. Maybe a start of a new life and see how the wheel of life will turn for that person? I was actually planning to write love stories of persons I know also. Well, it is about life, right? Ideas at 1239am? Well, it only proves that I am really a night person? Anyways, I really hope that blogging world will be alive again!

I am so excited! The new mall, actually the first mall in our town has opened last Friday! I love all the stores there! I was also surprised and happy at the same time to see one of my favorite shops that sells music instruments and accessories such as monster stereo cable there! I was ecstatic actually and I could stay there for hours! Well, I know that online shopping is still the best but visiting the store whenever we drop by the mall is also okay! Online prices are still very competitive. I still go for a more economical choice.

Feeling blessed in our life right now…that is as far as my own family is concerned…should it stop to that? We think of just our immediate family which composed of our partner and our child/children? Does it really stop…the caring for our siblings or even our parents when we got married and have a family of our own? Well, yes, our own kids to raise…their future to build…

I know someone who has that thinking…well, it is also Biblical, right? Charity starts at home? Then what about the other teachings? Sometimes, I get confused…One thing, I want to be a good person… it is hard at times especially if you have to consider the opinion and what the person you know who will be with you until you get old is different from yours.