Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for December, 2013

Soften the water

on December-29-13

There is a new product in the market today. It is a fabric softener that promises less use of water in washing clothes. Filipinos wash clothes thoroughly. After the soaping, washing with water two or three times will follow. This fabric softener has the tag line, “wash only once” and get the same result. The fact is if we have per se then we might not actually need fabric softener at all. However, not everyone is familiar yet with this extra system of softening the tap water.

The water hit

on December-27-13

It is budget season in the office. That means that our future salary is also somehow determined. Oh, I am not really expecting a high increase this year as I am somehow new to the department. But, I should still be rewarded, I guess. It is really a hard thing, budgeting. well, my friend tried listing down all their expenses in a day to day basis and it gave her a headache.

So, where does the money go? I recently attended one seminar, and of course, somehow, a bulk of your paycheck goes to utility bills. Like, payment for water, what comes out of the faucet. What about the gallons of drinking water that you buy each month? Well, that is why, the water business is such a big hit, right?

A must for every home

on December-20-13

There was a time here in our country that sold like hot potatoes. Not everyone could afford a generator in case there would be a brownout which was scheduled every night then. I think that was a long time ago. Well, an emergency light is a must for every home. We are thinking of buying one again since we noticed that ever since we transferred to our new place, there were series of electrical brown out. That happens especially during the typhoon season. The electrical company would not like to put their equipments at stake for any possibility of breaking because of the heavy rains and strong winds.

All in a backpack

on December-2-13

I love backpacks! Whether those given by the company as giveaways or those that are being sold in the market. Yes, there are personalized bags now that would just suit your needs!

The family is into backpacks now. My son who is in grade three does not like to carry his trolley bag anymore. My wife does not like to carry two bags going to the office. Fit all in a backpack!

Education first

on December-1-13

My nephew’s drawings are really complicated. That is for a person who does not understand computer engineering. Yes, my nephew is going to be a computer engineer in a year or two. However, he is planning to work at a call center already to earn extra cash and to help his parents with their finances. Cost of living is getting more and more expensive or high as the days go by. I understand where he is coming from but I want him to finish his studies first.

Phones are for calling

on December-1-13

I used to see many tascam recorders being carried by reporters. I do not know if those were really for that recording of the conversation purpose or they just used it for that? Well, it is an audio recorder, anyway? I do not see as much of those recorders nowadays. Maybe because of the advent of high tech phones, so to speak. If I were to be asked, use a recorder for its purpose. For audio recording, use audio recorders. Phones are for calling.