Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Look good like it

on August-28-13

The mission is to save on Dobro at musician’s friend. Well, it is possible! You want Dobro products, go there! Get a new guitar and enjoy quality music! I wonder how soft the strings and how nice the sound of Dobro is! Of course, the one who will play the guitar matters too, right? One thing sure, the Dobro really looks very pretty! Anyone who will have it will surely look good too! Well, I want one!

Meet her at the altar

on August-23-13

The BER months are coming. Here in our country, BER months are also the best time for weddings. Two famous celebrities from broadcasting and politics will tie the knot sometime in October. The soon to be bride is now busy with the rest of the wedding team choosing the right venue for the church and the reception. There are also other important details like the dress or the wedding gown. Another thing that is included in the list is jewelry. I wonder if the bride to be will use certified diamonds considering that they would like the theme be Filipino. Hmmm, what could be the right jewelry for a Filipina? Well, no matter what, the wedding would surely be grand. This early, it is being followed from the pronouncement of engagement to the preparation thus, it will not escape the eyes of the public until the final day. Well, the bride said, it is only the groom that is the most important factor for her. For the groom to meet her at the altar. Of course, there would be no wedding if one of the bride and groom is absent.

Stick to it

on August-12-13

There is one personality here who is also known for sports. She is one of the cousins of one of the presidentiables. She is also the wife of an ex- congressman. Most of all, she is really from a political clan because her parents are into politics too. How about her?She is an equestrian. I hope she will stick to it.

I will grab one

on August-3-13

Whoa! The cool vox mini 3 at musicians friend is really attractive! Well, if you are looking for many amp models and more than enough effects, this one is for you! Grab one of these now! Yes, pretty box with pretty sound, that is Vox for all your amplifiers need! Well, I am not trying to sell here but I am really convinced! I will grab one too!

Jennifer or Angelina

on August-3-13

Well, I just read an article about bride wars between Angelina and Jennifer. Well, the two women in Brad Pitt’s life. They are both getting married? Pretty women, huh!

In the article, Jennifer won! Well, the contest was about guests, gowns, rings and what have you in a wedding and its preparations!

Lucky men!

Simple joys in life

on August-3-13

My sister just bought flat screen mounts! I really admire her for getting the things that she wants in life. You know simple joys such as a big TV and all that. I really admire her for that. I think I need to do the same for myself. Well, you know like buy a new phone and enjoy using it! I have been keeping my old phone for three years now. Maybe I need to change. Also, I need a new TV too. :)