Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on June-28-13

I am quite worried. I am diabetic already? I always wake up thristy. I feel dry and I want to sort of drown myself with drinking water. Well, maybe I just do not drink enough water. I will really monitor this thing. Health is wealth. I do not want to die early.

The teacher

on June-28-13

I love music! I am now planning to buy Digital Pianos . My son is into music also but we cannot cultivate it to the fullest. He is always in the computer. Maybe because he has nothing else to do? I actually wanted a grand piano but then, everything is digital nowadays, thus a digital piano is in the list!

I also want to learn how to play the piano. Good thing we have a friend who teaches piano in a prestigious university here in our country. 😉

Always do my best

on June-28-13

It is Friday once again! Time really flies! Well, I am not as productive as I was compared to the last or previous weeks. I know that I must not be this way. It pays to be industrious. After all, I am being paid to do well.

So, let this be still a chance to do my best today. :)

Get his Juliet

on June-23-13

I never thought that there is something like romeo and juliet cigars. Well, grandma and grandpa can have each one. Well, cigars by the way are not just for them. I have a friend who really prefers cigars over ordinary cigarette. Well, the smoke maybe is the reason? The cigars have a different aroma and maybe taste too. I have not tried one. Maybe I should ask my friend one time. I will also tell him to get his Juliet.

No worries

on June-9-13

I have a co-worker who has so many imported items. Her sister from the States gives her baby clothes, toys and basic needs like food and baby strollers and cribs and bouncing chairs! She is so lucky! I asked her if it does not cost that much shipping all those things or she might just get the money for shipping and buy the things here. According to her, shipping cost is lower compare to the quality of the items she receives from there. Considering the design and quality and the value of those things, still it is advisable to ship. Oh, maybe she can also ship items from Corter’s Flooring America ! Well, that’s just my thought as I really like the flooring designs from Corter’s. I have the requirement to change the flooring of a particular client of mine and I will suggest Corter’s. Anyways, she will definitely afford it.

Good news! Just like most of the stores, there are sale items too! Yes, if you cannot afford something right at this moment, then wait for the sale, right?

Speaking of sale, I really want to visit the mall today and enjoy the sale. I am not really sure if there is one but I want to just relax at the mall. It is cold and you can see a lot of things. Maybe, I will also see some carpet designs that are in Corter’s. I would definitely go for the original of course. :)

Anyways, I have to get going. Time check is 935AM. Most people are up and doing their daily Sunday routine. Me, still stuck up over some matters. Move on. Everything will be alright. :)

I will just focus on my next job and that is to buy carpet flooring for my client. Actually, I do not need to worry about it too since I just need to choose Corter’s. :)


Parties are more enjoyable when there are good conversation topics, right? Well, then, how about bragging about the wine that you are drinking? Yes, tell your guests that you actually made that wine as you learned it from a wine site. That would be a pretty interesting topic, I am sure. Everything can really be home made including wine! Cheers to that!

Rainy days

on June-3-13

There was a shop in the mall which accepts gold and silver for cash! Well, James though of selling silver coins. It is already mid year and no new yet on the cash that he is expecting. Good thing that he still has some savings and his coin collection. As they say, save for the rainy days as sometimes, you cannot depend on unhatched eggs, right?