Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for April, 2013

Not real rings

on April-17-13

One of the designers made a gown using spacers. Pretty amazing creation, huh! Well, as of me, I really like spacers. :) I used to play with them when I was a kid. Well, until my father told me that those belong in his tool box. Oh, not rings, eh? Not a jewelry? Oh, childhood memories always make me smile. Now, I need to buy spacers and let my kid play with it too.

Tragedy in Boston

on April-17-13

The news yesterday morning was really shocking. The images were graphic and I really sort of scolded myself for looking at it. I was really angry. I really could not understand why some people do those kind of things. Then, where was the security? I heard that there was another bombing after the first one? Many people were hurt. Kids, old, men, women. Oh, so painful.