Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for March, 2013

Turn it off

on March-31-13

I could not connect to internet via wifi. Could it be because too many connections and too many download activties? True enough I shut down the desktop and one laptop and I am connected! Now I can write freely. No disturbance. oh, wait, son opened his computer again. Turn it off, please!

Power grabbing

on March-31-13

I am quite affected by what is happening to our batch. I am just mere observer but I think some people, they do not have anything to be busy with their own lives. They create a group. They succeeded. There was even an election. Many joined and many participated. Now what? Some people were disappointed that they do not have the power nor they could command the person that is in the position. Now, they want to grab it. I wonder where they get such inspiration.

Go digital

on March-31-13

Oh, medical equipment at! I love this site. Even the smallest medical equipment like a thermometer, you can find it there.

Speaking of thermometer, no mercury thermometers anymore, huh! Thus, buying an electric one is a must. Do you call that like that? Oh, digital is the right term of course! :)

It is good to invest in medical equipments. You do not have to go out and seek help like having your blood pressure taken by a sphygmomanometer with the help of a nurse or nursing aid. You can do it on your own using a digital one!

Oh, it was January 26 since I last wrote about American Idol and now they are down to top 7! Imagine that! They have five girls and two boys. There is a prediction that a girl will win this season. I believe so. The question now is who.

Kree is a front runner. She is a favorite and she can sing too.

Then there is Candice. She is a second timer and was booted out last season and now a favorite too? Well, she definitely can sing.

Then, another repeater- Janelle. A pretty face but the voice is not enough.

Another repeater in Amber who they say can sing flawlessly. Then why boot her out last season, eh? Oh, she really can sing well but not getting the votes.

Another favorite is Angela who looks like Miley Cyrus.

The two boys? Do not mind them as surely they will be going away in the next episodes.

Refreshing feeling

on March-1-13

I love to receive wedding invitations! Attending such a happy occasion is a refreshing feeling. You know, seeing two people in love committing their lives to each other. I always like the part when the priest would tell the couple to be together in good times and bad times. Marriage should really be a lifetime vow! After all the bottles of wine were emptied and everyone went home, then the reality begins. It will only be the husband and wife to start a new life. That is really a big step!