Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Old and jobless

on February-21-13

Do you fear aging?
Here in our country, most grandpas and grandmas live with their children’s family. I do not know the statistics but based on experience, only few aged people saved for their old age.

I really admire the saving for old age concept. Well, there are many ways.

Some believe that if they take care of their kids like send them to school and give them almost everything then that would be a guarantee that the child would return all of it when the parent is old already.

As of me, I think I should really save for my old age and never expect that someone would take care of me. I really should have savings or money for me to get by when I am old, ugly and jobless.

Cover the gray hair

on February-20-13

I woke up extra early to color my gray hair. It is pretty old, you know. Well, working in an environment of younger people, having or sporting gray hair is not advisable. So, I was not able to that last weekend. I thought I can squeeze that this morning. At 6Am, time for shower. I hope I was able to cover all.

Leave it to Roto-rooter

on February-16-13

Push, push, push! Water, water, water, water! Soap, soap, soap! What could be that person be doing? Plunger, plunger, plunger, plunger! Oh, Could it be some clog? Where? Sink? Toilet? Oh, the plumber from Roto-Rooter might just be what he needs!

Sometimes, we think that we can do things on our own. Well, it is good that yes, we learn first aid or immediate remedy in certain situations. Then, we should also think and realize that could we really be solving the problem or just making things worst? Well, say a wound that can be healed by a simple band-aid, it is okay as long as the cut is just small and the little amount of antiseptic in the band-aid could actually heal it. However, what if there was infection already? Well, we must know also, right?

At home, we do manage simple clogs and leaks in our toilet and bath and kitchen sink. Sometimes, we do not replace faucets with little leak immediately. Well, wait when you received your water bill, right?

How about clogs? Well, the detergent can be helpful? Too much water? Plunge it? We can do all those things and yes, we experience temporary relief. How about the stress of knowing that there is something that needs to be repaired? When will you act on this? Wait until there is rust already because of constant moist? Oh, bacteria would really love it and proliferate! You do not like those things to happen right? Worse, you do not like waking up with a flooded kitchen or a flooded toilet and bath… Oh, not just flooded with muddy water but whatever could be causing the clog and all the other matters that came back! Oh, you would not like that, right?

Call your local plumber now! That’s all I can say. Keep their number. They are always available to serve you twenty four hours a day. Oh, yes, it is Rotorooter. I just do not know any plumbing service other than Rotorooter that can provide that quality service at the time that you need it. Well, that is experience and integrity having been in the business for quite a long time now! As they say, trust only the experts and everything will be fine! Leave it to them and have that peace of mind!

Amazing technology

on February-13-13

If you would ask my son about web to print technology, all he can say is awesome! I would too! I really like that we can print everything now from our computer. Good prints too! Well, a good business venture if you would like to invest. You could make all kinds of cards, brochures, and other printing jobs! It is really amazing, right?

Elevator blooper

on February-13-13

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.

~ Albert Einstein

Hmm… if avoiding some people counts, then I was not clever a while ago?

Funny but pur head, some managers and supervisors were also to ride the elevator. I thought they were going up and I did not want to wait for the elevator with them so I decided to went down one floor. There’s my turn to go down and you know what? They were there also! Oh, they might have asked themselves also where did I come from. Good thing that people with such intwllect might not think the same. Hahahaha!