Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Shades and shapes

on January-29-13

I fell in love with wood flooring in Hudson. Wood is really classic. My co-worker recently had its house renovated and you can see lots of wood inside her house. She posts pictures of the beautiful places inside her house and one of her favorites, the flooring. Not too many people had posted pictures of their homes and I was glad she did and inspired me to also take a look at my own house for some improvements. So, I think the floors really need some make up now. Well, together with the walls, the floors need some renovation to be done.

What do U have now? I have tiles. We live in an area that gets flooded and tile flooring has always been a good choice. Easy to clean and looks nice too. There are designs like wood already so that’s what we got right now. However, I really like wood. So, what I am thinking is just make our rooms in the second floor have its wood motif. It is really classic, don’t you think? I also got the inspiration from our ancestral house in the province. Oh, the big planks of wood, gracious! My grandparents did a good job with their home.

I shall start listing down all that I need for my rooms upstairs, huh! I think that there is not much difference between the prices of wood or tiles but wood looks more expensive, right? I also have to consider the shade and the shape of my wood flooring. Would I go for parquet instead? Oh, that’s a classic too! Would I go for big planks? One thing, I think I can afford just the smaller strips, eh? :) Kidding aside, there are really many things to consider. Maybe, I should get the help of the experts on this, right? Well, they shall know best!

Wood flooring is not just putting the wood there laying around the house. Shades should be considered as it matches the things that I have already like the curtains or wall papers or the wall and ceiling. Well, I do not have the resources yet for the complete renovation. :)

A doctor in American Idol

on January-26-13

A doctor in American Idol! Wow! That is something new, huh! A singing doctor. Well, a physiatrist at that, huh! As they say, there is a point in our lives that we need to chase our dreams. Maybe the doctor really wanted to become a singer? Or, maybe he would just like to take a break from the bones and the muscles?

Pool party

on January-13-13

It is still cold season here in our country. However, there are many reservations already or there are still pool parties being held. Thanks to raypak heaters! Well, swimming is really relaxing. There are not much hot ponds in the city thus hot pools can be of substitute, right? Invite me to a pool party, I will surely attend. Speaking of, my friend who lives in a very nice compound is inviting me today for her birthday! You are right! They have a pool! I will surely go there!

Calorie counting

on January-13-13

Calorie counting is the IN thing nowadays, do you agree? Well, losing weight is included in almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution. That includes me!

So, how much calories do you wish to keep on counting by the way? Are you going to stop to a certain number or will just continue logging those calories?
26 calories for 150 g of lettuce
180 calories for 1 can of tuna
100 calories for the Honey Mustard dressing

That is 306 calories already! Imagine that for a breakfast, huh? Who said that eating salads will make you thin? Well if you eat something like that 3x a day, maybe yes since that’s less than a thousand calories. The question is, will you survive?

Add something new to life

on January-13-13

I have just collected so many brochures. I want to have ideas about brochure printing online. Well, printing is really good business. It still is. I am glad. Well, you know, it is still a way to disseminate information. People still need something to hold on to and read about.

How about you? Any new interest for 2013? Well, to keep on moving, though life is like a wheel, we can still add something new to it.

Something to do this Year

on January-13-13

I have not greeted you a Happy New Year! Well, whoever you are reading my blog, thank you and a Happy New Year! I hope you has a blast of the Holidays! I did! Well, all the merry making and the food and the wine! Most of all seeing almost everyone, right? Parties right there and there! Well, gained some pounds too! Well, just fine. At least we have something to do for the whole year, right? Yes, shed those pounds gained!