Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Make a step

on December-30-12

I have been reading so many things about Maybe it is time for me to really think about it and include it in our budget for 2013. As they say, you have to start now.

What are your plans for the coming year? Each time, we try to make resolutions. Are those plans left in the planner or on the paper? Well, what are the things that you plan to do to make things happen? Everything starts with a step. :)

It is Janine Tugonon’s Turn! Well, it is only now that I am writing about the recent Ms. Universe Pageant as I watched the whole show just last night. Janine was great! She really made Filipinos proud. Her feat on the contest scene is really inspiring. She was first runner up in the Bb. Pilipinas competetion last 2011 when Chamsey Supsup won. Janine did not lose hope nor gave up and decided to compete again year 2012. She succeeded and eventually got the title that she coveted for and the rest is history!

Congratulations, Ms. Janine Tugonon for being the First Runner Up… of the Ms. Universe 2012 this time. :)

Anxiety gone

on December-15-12

Have you ever gone to a dual diagnosis treatment center? Is it like killing two birds in one stone? Well, we all like to get a second opinion, right?

Anyways, what we need in a diagnostic center is of course, its completeness in equipments and accuracy with the results. There is one diagnostic clinic near our place and I really like their blood test results. We do not have to wait for long. Anxiety easily gone.

Healthy gift

on December-15-12

Good news for coffee drinkers! Get wholesale coffee now! Well, great gift for the season, coffee! Everybody needs a night cap even after all those parties. We love coffee!

I remember, I have a bottle, yes a bottle of coffee still unopened. No, it is not included in the sale. I am to open it as I really want to taste the new flavor.

What is really good about giving coffee? It is healthy and does not easily expire.

Color and drama

on December-15-12

Nadine, my friend who works as a choreographer has been given by her Boss costumes as dancer gifts. She is going to give her dancers costumes for their upcoming events. Being a choreographer has been a challenge to her since she really wants everything to be perfect. It is not only the move but the look. Any presentation now goes beyond the steps. Color and drama really add some spice to it.

To be of service

on December-3-12

I have a new favorite TV show. It somehow tackles Christianity. Yes, the setting sometimes is inside the church. There is a character there that I really like. Well, she is the sort of religious one who will definitely go out of her way to be of service to the Lord. I know that she will be generous too, though there is a magnate there who could really afford to donate sound systems and a metal church chairs.

Spin the wheel again

on December-3-12

434AM. Disturbed, still sleepy but needed to wake up. It is Monday! Life has to start again.

The past three days–laziness. After doing some random tasks, I just slept the whole day or a couch potato. Well, yikes, I even denied the bathroom. Well, yes, when I am on vacation I just want to be still.

I know when to start the wheel spinning again though. It is Monday.