Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for November, 2012

It is Winter

on November-30-12

Definitely buy cao cigars! That was Peter’s wail to Mario. 😉 Well, they are trying to list down their shopping list for the weekend.

I myself need a cigar right at this moment. I turned off all sort of cooling machines inside the house but who could beat that breeze from outside? Yes, it is indeed cold season here in my country now. We do not have winter but that is what my son is saying. It is winter!

When instant is easier

on November-23-12

When instant is easier, you just settle for it, right? That is when time management suffers or started suffering, when we depended on instants. Well, my son loves pancit canton. Maybe because whenever he is hungry, it is already available. Maybe because, we his parents did not take time or devote time to cook food for him? Maybe, huh! Indeed, when instant is easier, why should we not choose it right? We just hope that all instants are healthy.

Cooking and budgeting

on November-2-12

Well, yu can have great tasting food with just a few pesos! Hey, have you tried eating pechay? My friend introduced this to me. She is eating pechay in a regular basis now since it is the most affordable vegetable. Well, as low as P10 per meal. That is if you eat only pechay of course! 😉 Add some steamed chicken and sauteed altogether in onion and garlic– superb!

Time to enjoy

on November-2-12

Yes, I still prefer to do things on my own rather than paying someone else to do it for me. Well, the money can be used for coin silver and other form of investments, do you agree? Anyways, I know that I need to enjoy my money once in a while. Well, yes, I do enjoy investing and making it grow more. Time will come that I will be able to truly enjoy all of these. That is what I am saving for and looking forward to.

Who is Rose Red?

on November-2-12

I had an insomnia attack last night thus I decided to just play Puss N’ Boots Fruit Ninja. It kept me company until around 4AM. I learned a few things like Rose Red. Oh, I never thought that Snow White had a sister. Furthermore, I could not recall any film that featured the sister. Have you?

Okay, it turned out that Snow White and The Seven Dwarves and the sister of Rose Red are not related. I got confused, huh!