Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Father and son

on September-17-12

My friend David would really love this online puzzle store. He really loves puzzles and brain teasers. It is his collection. His son Adam is into it too thus both Father and Son would surely add many items to their cart. I have to warn Geraldine, the wife of David and mother of Adam. :)

I am happy also that I found that site. Well, it is time that our son be introduced to other games too.

September: Son is sick again

on September-17-12

Son is sick again. The usual cough and colds and fever. I hope and pray that it is just the usual and nothing more. Well, diseases are all around the place. It is all over. No matter how you protect your family but you need to interact with others, right?

We must bring him to the doctor today for the right medication. He must get well.

Nina and her cats

on September-17-12

Wow! Maris was holding a pink cat bed! It was a birthday present for Nina. No, not a cat but Maris’s bestfriend who loves cats. Nina has everything already thus why not give her something for her pet, huh! Well, Nina loved it. According to her, she needed the new cat bed for her new cat! Oh, lovely! I can’t wait to visit Nina’s place and see how mant cute cats and cat beds she has.

Football weekend

on September-13-12

Edward was telling his friends about the football gifts that he received from his favorite Aunt. Oh, his friends eyes were in awe as he told them how beautiful those gifts are. Edward told his friends that they just have to wait and see because he asked for those gifts for him to also be able to give it away when they play football again. His friends got more excited and would like to go to the field this Saturday! Football weekend it is going to be then for Edward and his friends. :)

The rich and the poor

on September-13-12

Life is like a wheel. Yes, it is this blog. Well, from time to time it hits me. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down.

Am I that good to feel guilty knowing that in a way I am more blessed than others and I am not sharing it with them? Then, I will not be blessed then after all?

The vow of poverty…then I am going to say, I am not a priest to have that vow.

If all rich people are thinking about poor people then there will be no rich and poor anymore, right?

I really do not know. Everything is contradicting sometimes. Then there is the saying, teach them to fish and do not give them the fish. Maybe, we choose what we want to believe in and whatever is more convenient for us?

I choose, Charity Starts at Home. Maybe, I should choose that? I shall look around and see where my family is. Well, yes, no savings yet for the kid’s future. House is not yet done. No car. … then I shall ask myself again.. do we experience hunger? No.

Everything new

on September-12-12

We have to go to the bella notte bedding sale. It is gift giving season. Also, my sister in law is going to move in to their new house. We are planning to get them new bed sheets and pillow cases. Well, they should have a good night sleep from their first day there. Since it is a new house, it is a must also that everything must be new. Well, it is a tradition. I am also planning to buy beds for my nieces.

Do you sometimes feel lazy? Well, as if you do not like to move at all? I do not know if I have written about this here before but anyways, laziness occurs from time to time. Right now, I feel so lazy. Then, I thought, if I just feel tired? Yes, what is the difference between lazy and tired? I think I should distinguish as laziness is something that is not tolerable while being tired is something that is understandable.

Always warm

on September-5-12

Living in a tropical country means most of the time it is humid. Most of the electrical consumption in our house is electric fan usage. Well, how about air-con? I need to contact first Air conditioning repair phoenix so that we can enjoy some breeze again. :) We have not been using our air conditioning unit and I guess it needs repair already. Buying a new air-con is also being considered. However, repair can do and I think more affordable.

My son is actually an air-con baby. I call him like that because he enjoyed air-con for almost 24 hours a day when he was still a baby. He has asthma thus he could not tolerate dust and bad air. Today, good thing he could survive with electric fans already.

It is me who likes to use air-con. I think it is more practical than using three electric fans at once. Yes, you could imagine how much is my electric bill, right?

I could not wait to call the repair service. Yes, that would be my project for the weekend. Summer is fast approaching. Also, as I have said, summer or no summer, it is warm here in our country. Moreover, it is warm here inside our house as we only have few windows.