Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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My brother in law is lucky to have found someone who is very kind. One of his friends donated some restaurant kitchen equipments to his new canteen. Well, it is sort of a canteen bar. His target is to cater call center agents who need to eat early in the morning and relax at night. Anyways,good thing that business seems good and quite sunny. There are also other prospective clients in the area.

Save for the rainy days

on August-27-12

Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down. Oh, how many times have I written about this, huh! Yes, I am having this though every time I feel that I am being proud or cruel or powerful or a bully and not kind at all.

Sometimes, they say that we have to save for rainy days. However, it seems that you are actually saving for other’s rainy days, right? Well, I have not helped that much as I am not that rich. However, it is a big sacrifice for me to help that much as if you would look at me, I need things for myself. I do not look rich at all. There are still so many things that I want.

But you know what? I know that I am very much blessed. Maybe, my being not so nice is because I am torn between telling them I would take care of their needs and the need to tell them that they should give value to what is being given to them as it is fruit of hard labor.

Another things, I know that I should teach them how to fish as I am working hard myself also.

God knows what is inside my heart. He knows what I think and what I want to do.

Make sure it will be known that they are related with no mention of it. Well, for those who write posts, they wopuld surely understand what I mean. Those are words of instructions on how you will write a post. You will be given topics and instructions how to write it.

Well, it reminds me of American Idol winner Phillip Philips’ girlfriend. According to him, her girlfriend makes it known to people that she is with him. 😉

It rained hard and the roads got flooded. I can say that we are blessed because we did not suffer just like the others did but does it mean that they are not blessed? I really could not say that willingly or wholeheartedly.

Anyways, they say that it is like what happened Sept. 2009, the Ondoy typhoon. It is just that, people are now more prepared. I would say, yes, somehow.

I say, it is not like Ondoy. It was just heavy rains and poor drainage system and houses built in farmlands. Our area for one was once before a farmland. The whole phase where we lived was not flooded. There are only certain parts.

Buy a new one

on August-4-12

The TV’s remote control is acting up. It could be the batteries. Oh, what to do? It is the middle of the night and it is raining hard. Okay, remind me to buy rechargeable aaa batteries next time. Yes, my son has been telling me to buy one for the longest time. Our old unit was washed away three years ago. Yes, time to move on.

Love your own

on August-4-12

Love your own. Nothing wrong with that, right? t is okay to love your own. That makes you even more inspire to create more or be better.

Yes, I am loving my own creations. Sometimes, I even appreciate it. I smile whenever I realized that I did something good. I do not wait for others to tell it to me. I build my confidence on my own. It is hard if you wait for others to see you, right? Show yourself.

Trust and Service

on August-4-12

I give a check for no medical exam life insurance policies! Good job! Well, I really do not understand those insurance businesses that so not accept applicants without the medical examinations. After all, business should always be built around trust, right? Well, insurance business might not be that profitable as one might thin but is it really not? I believe though that they really help and that business is built around service.

Life cycles

on August-4-12

Life has many cycles. She is turning 40 next year and she is ready for the new twenty! Well, age is a matter of perception maybe. You might sometimes think that you wasted so much time. But then again, I think what you should just focus to is that, there is always another chance and hold onto it right now.

She is not going to wait for her 40th birthday anymore. She would like to start that cycle now.