Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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To help the wife

on July-15-12

He would like to help his wife earn money. Well, their child is growing up and the expenses are getting bigger everyday. Plus, the increase in oil prices and utility bills are uncontrollable or not actually planned in any budget, right? Unless, you are always watching the news or watching the progress of the stocks in the market.

He had tried some ventures in the past. Now, he is into buy and sell business. Presently, us mint has his eyes. Other antique items, he also considers.

Real charity

on July-15-12

There are things in your life that you did not wish for. They just happened. Well, did you not really wish for it or you somehow let it into your life? Like living with in laws perhaps… Well, what can you do if you help was sought, right? I guess, it is just a matter of being a good person. Up to what extent would that goodness be? Like, if there is no more harmony inside that house. Like, if you do not treat them or make them feel that they are welcome or you just cannot do anything that is why they are there?

What is real charity then?

Air will circulate

on July-14-12

If there is one thing we need to cut, it is electric consumption. We really pay high for that. If only we could get away with not using electric fans. That is one only. Well, we use one electric fan each. Maybe we should consider heading at for tropical ceiling fans. Yes, it makes sense. If that would be situated at the middle of the living room, then air will circulate and no need for one electric fan each.

The benefits

on July-10-12

It is sometimes hard to make a decision on your own especially if it seems that both choices are attractive. You really have to carefully weigh the pros and cons and what is the best for you. Most of all, what do you really want and not what others want.

I was in a very big dilemma yesterday and I just have to consider the bigger picture. First, will my choice have the same benefits? Will I be fulfilled there? What will be my use for the company? Is it time to go out of the comfort zone?

Benefits are important. It is a known secret why you are staying at a certain company even though you really want out. There are some companies though that do not really give what is due for you. I know someone who has encountered an accident and was not able to get what she really deserved.

Chilly night

on July-9-12

It was chilly last night. It is no winter here but the weather has always been gloomy in these months. I think we need a corner fireplace. The blankets could not do the trick already including the human ones. 😉 I hope our son would like the idea of heat though. He wants cold. While everybody is already into chill, he is still sweating. No, it is not an exaggeration.



Yes, I tried my luck in a new team. I just had my interview yesterday. Am I hoping to be accepted? Do I think that I did my best for me to pass the interview and the exam? Honestly, I really do not know. It is not like that I do not have the confidence. It is just that, I am not really sure. I leave it up to the One Above. If it is right for me to be there, then I will be accepted.