Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Set to go

on May-27-12

Wow! I am glad to hear and read about Regency Cosmetology Schools. There are cosmetology seminars and eve schools here in our country but maybe not that hyped except for a very expensive school where some of my friends enrolled to already. Yes, no matter if you are a man or a woman, if you have passion for beauty, go for it, right?

So, what are the things that you can learn from a Cosmetology school? Haircutting, Pedi, Mani, Make-up? How about some accessorizing also? Whatever it is, I am sure that those that will benefit from it are everyone!

So, who is set to go?

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Whew! A meeting with my boss tomorrow! I do not know how to do it. I have not finished my assignments. Anyways, I kind of have some idea of what he wants to see. I will just be straightforward. It is a good opportunity for me also to really shine? Shine under pressure, I guess!

Dance again

on May-27-12

Well, crowd control rope stanchions will be needed, I suppose, as a famous clebrity is about to hit town again. Our country is a favorite stop of many entertainers. We benefit from it and we actually love it.

This November. my favorite dancer-singer will be in town and will tell us to get loud and dance on the floor. Oh, yes, with her, we will surely dance again.

Three movies today

on May-20-12

Well, I decided to relax and watch a movie! Well, three movies!  The Man on The Ledge, Adjusment Bureau, and  One For The Money. Pretty great films!

Now, I know that I have to sleep and maybe concentrate on my work tomorrow as I have some deadlines. Oh, I never really like deadlines.



A dozen kids

on May-20-12

I am glad to have found online baby bedding for my co-worker’s baby boy who will be welcomed to the Christian world this Sunday. I am sure that the Mom will love it. I do! Well, we are missing having a baby inside the house. If parenting is not a big responsibility and milk and diapers are free, then maybe we will have a dozen kids. They are really adorable!

Who will be the next American Idol? The AI fever is on. Well, that is as far as AI fans are concerned. I happen to be one and the reason why I am not actually writing about it is I am too busy watching the show over and over again. 😉

The AI season 11 is about to end and I can say, with a blast. There was a lot of drama until the pronouncement of the Top 2. It began of course with the choosing of the Top 24, the top 13 pick, the elimination of the 13th pick, the save of Jessica Sanchez, and just recently, the axing of Joshua Ledet. Is it really about the votes?

Anyways, Phil Phillips who is a real great artist with a nice guy charm that almost all girls want to marry him or at least be with him even for a night is a threat to whoever is coveting for the title. He did it to Joshua. The question now is, would he be able to do it to Jessica Sanchez?

At its best

on May-20-12

Many if not all church chairs will be filled or seated on today as it is a Sunday! Yes, do not forget to hear mass, folks!

Speaking of churches, I once attended a congregation that has a very great ambiance from its location to the place itself with all the good ventilation and comfortable chairs! It is important, right? As they say, the One Up There is the richest and the greatest and it will be an honor to commune with Him. We should be at our best and the actual place where we would gather to worship him should also be at its best.

I watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never documentary of sort in HBO and indeed, Justin’s success is well deserved. Well, I am not really into Pop Music nor Dance Music lately of I was just into the working community and no time for entertainment. So, I had time to watch some TV yesterday and tried finishing Never Say Never. It was inspirational. It showed how hard the kid worked.

No broken back

on May-6-12

I wonder why not everything that has to be moved has casters? I greatly appreciate those furniture casters. It makes everything easy for me especially when we decide to change the arrangement of the house. Well, sometimes we have this tendency to move things to change the ambiance or look of the house. If not for those casters then maybe all of us have broken backs now.