Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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My love for blogging

on April-26-12

My love for blogging is also like a wheel. There are up times and there are down times. Well I really hope that it will always be on the up mode forever. I need to write more. I want to write more…and most of all I want to earn more. Haha! Yes, there is money and writing. I am just a small blogger though. I have seen blogs that are really big time! I wonder how they do that or how to penetrate? Anyways I can see that they really put much effort also as their blogs are really nice and full of information. Mine is just a glimpse of my thoughts.

Let me find you

on April-26-12

Have you experienced difficulty finding a house that you have never been too before? I did! Well, I really do not understand why other people do not put address signs. Secret? Now, that made me look at our house from outside. Haha! We do not have one also! Well, maybe because upon buying a house and lot, that number that should be put by the gate or at the post of the gate or at the wall or wherever you want is overlooked? Maybe, it has not been a priority? Well, the national statistics office would not want that! It would be very hard for their surveyors to keep track. Kidding aside, an address sign is necessary. Anyways, I understand others who would not like to be easily found. Maybe they have their reasons.

The yoyo

on April-26-12

A zombie yoyo! As I wrote this, I can hear my favorite game show’s voice actually saying it! Haha! That is what I get from too much playing that online game. Come to think of it, there is no online yoyo game, right? Well, how can you apply the tricks of actually playing the yoyo? Well, if ever there is one already, tell me okay? Going back to the zombie yoyo, I think my son would love it as he is into zombies these days also. Having a toy with that name would surely make him glad.

No Plastic Wednesday

on April-26-12

No Plastic Wednesday! Well, it was in the mall that we went to yesterday. Thus, we needed to buy the grocery bag. It is good that malls are getting environment friendly. A one day drive every week can contribute much already. Life is like a wheel, huh? Before, there was really no plastic bags around. We used bayong when we went to market. In groceries or malls, everything has its own bag, I guess or there was really no bag as you had to bring everything you bought from the cart to the car…then plastic came.

Social responsibility

on April-22-12

There is one show here in our country that incorporates public service into its games and prizes. Yes, there is one game that involves barangay level in which people that belong in a barangay participate. The game promotes discipline and camaraderie among the members of the barangay. Once a moth, there are prizes that are on top of the game prizes being given away to the best barangay. One time, the show donated a firetruck complete with firemen uniforms and free training to the barangay officials who will be in charged of the fire truck. I wonder if there is a complete set of fire hose adapters given away too? I think it is a must also. :)

Thia Megia in the house! Thia Megia is here in the Philippines for some concerts! This girl has such a classic, clear voice. We really did hope that she won American Idol. Anyways, she is a Filipina thus I think the Americans did make the right decison? Why would they let a non-American by blood win, right? Anyways, it is their loss, I guess. Thia is a real talent.

New day for diet

on April-22-12

Yes, time to read phytodren reviews again plus a whole lot of diet regimes and diet menus. Today is the start of a new day for dieting. Ugh, that is after having more than two cups of rice, huh! Anyways, there are food supplements that I think can really help as per reviews, huh! Well, this friend of mine is real desperate to lose weight and even spend a big sum for diet programs. I really hope she succeeds this time.

I never get tired watching Iron Man 2. Well, it is always shown in HBO..over and over again. Robert Downey Jr. is such a lovable character..errr, I mean Tony Starks! 😉 Anyways, I think there is Iron Man 3, if I am not mistaken. I wonder when it will be shown. For now, I will watch Iron Man 2 again. :)

Empty pockets

on April-22-12

Life is really like a wheel.
Sometimes, you find yourself starting over again.
Sometimes you just do not learn, that is the reason maybe that you keep on going up and down and up and down again.
Oh, yes, it happens to me.
I find myslef down again.
I find myself with empty pockets again and it sucks.

The first time I read about h&r block coupons, I asked myself, what can I get out of these? What are these coupons? What is H&R?

Let us face it, almost everyone loves coupons. Well, except of course for the neighbor of my friend who trows away coupons to my friend’s advantage. 😉 She get those coupons and use it! Well coupons offer discounts or items that are free! Every Mom loves that! I know someone who was able to save $200 in her weekly grocery because of using coupons. That is quite big, huh?

Going back to H&R– it is about a tax software. Well, we all need that as it is tax season once again, right?