Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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World wide web air

on March-31-12

Hey, are you a blogging addict like me? Do you have your own webhost already? How would you compare blogging in a free platform and having your own webhost? Oh, you might just tell me to go to webhost sites and get my answers, right? Yes, it pays to really read reviews about webhost sites and subscriptions. It is like your guiding light in it. I know someone who is an expert on this as she is maintaing more than thirty sites and has been in the net for around 4 years now, I think. Well, she breaths www air. 😉 Funny, huh! Well, there is really life in this side of the world, would you agree? I can say that life here is like a wheel also. Better have a home so that you will not wander. Wow! What a nice peg, huh! Anyways, I really like my webhost right now. It is like a stable home for me. This protects me from the wind blows. :)

I must say that having a webhost would really one of the best decisions a person who loves the net and who loves blogging or have his own business using the net for promotions and marketing. Yes, net is very big. Have your own place in it. Get a web host!

Five More Minutes

on March-19-12

Can I just have five more minutes? P
rocrastinating once again?
Not good for a Monday morning.
Can I just have five more minutes?
Okay, time is up!

Sometimes, I really need five more minutes.
Before the wheel turns again.
It needed to stop at times…
Time is up!
Time is up!

Oh, can I just have five more minutes?

Prep it with a hat

on March-19-12

My friend Lino, would look great in those Hats for Men! It is his birthday today and that would be a great gift for him. Well, he is a stylist and he also has to look good all the time to gain more clients. Anyways, his sense of style is really good and prepping his simple outfits with hats really does tricks.

There are online shows that require you to download vlc media player. I am glad that I did! Now, I can enjoy those online shows better! I am glad that my new computer has one also…whoever downloaded that! 😉

Before, I was really ignorant about certain technologies but then again, thanks again for the people around me who never tire in informing me about what is up in the world right now. :)


on March-7-12

Oh, why it takes too long to create a back up? Can it just be automatic? In our office, everything seems automated and it will take no manual effort at all as long as something can be accommodated by the available technology. Well, it does not come in cheap, though. Everything has a price. It is just a matter of choice, I guess. If you have a company of your own, what would you prefer, hiring many employees or investing in hardware, software and all those techy stuffs?

I do not have my own company but my job entails a lot of computer work. That is why, I need a back up system. Well, you know, I need my files to be safe at all times! I read that there are online back ups that I can subscribe into. I looked into a live drive review and it is not that impressive for me since there is no free trial. Well, I think it pays to at least try something first before finally committing, right? Anyways, there are still a number of online back ups left for me to read about. Yes, reviews are pretty useful. I am that kind of person that is influenced by such.