Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Pursuit of Happiness

on January-31-12

Shalani Soledad married Roman Romulo. That is only after three months of being Sweethearts? I do not really have the facts. All I can say is that, Shalani wants to be happy. She was looking for his prince charming for the longest time. Here came Roman and offered her heaven and earth! What is there to wait? As she said, Go!

Loves of my son

on January-31-12

My son used to love batteries! Yes, you read it right! Well, he could play it as it is or because he needed it for his battery operated toys. He passed that stage already. :) We still buy batteries, of course. It is a regular in the grocery list. Well, you use it for remote controls, wall clocks, and even mobile phones.

What is my son up to, right now? So many things! He is fixated with ants, vampires, zombies, caterpillars, and science in general. The wonder of internet!

Practical meeting

on January-31-12

I am real glad that we have video conferencing services. One of the important attendees for my meeting this coming Wednesday would be out of town. She is very important because she is the subject matter expert for the project. She told me not to worry and we could just do videoconferencing. How convenient! Actually, we should use that service more often because it is quite practical especially if the attendees are from different locations.

Vacation house

on January-31-12

I was really impressed by the house of my supervisor. He posted it in FB recently. Wow! That’s all I can say until now. The interior decorating is superb. There are paintings, art pieces, nice lighting and I think there are also hampton bay ceiling fans. I could still remember that time when he was asking for Roman blinds. He was building his house. Now, it is complete and a real place to relax. Yes, it is a vacation house. I could not wait to go there!

Good timing

on January-24-12

Trina, one of my good friends asked me about discount upholstery fabric. Well, knowing that I worked as a purchaser/canvasser before, she just thought that I might have stumbled upon upholstery. Well, even if I don’t I would surely search it for her. Besides, we also need the replace the upholstery of our living room sofa set. It is like doing a favor for her but the truth is, it is good timing that I also need it. 😉

There is help

on January-21-12

My sister’s sister-in-law’s daughter had a cleft lip upon birth. Her sister-in-law tried to trace why it happened. Could it be anything that she took during pregnancy? Well, she was not sick at all except for some headaches. I wonder if she took Topamax?

I recently read about a Topamax lawsuit and learned that taking the medicine means serious side effects at birth. How would the Mom have known, right? Anyways, there is help nowadays. Since it is all over the net, we can all beware of that drug. Better to really consult your doctor and read inserts of anything that you will take.

Contact: O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 for help if you encounter any Topamax case.

We are going to the mall today! Lots of things to buy! Number one and two in the list are: battery and charger for the mobile phones, ipod and son’s toys! Well, it is okay since this weekend is really scheduled for those expenses. I hope to get good deals, though!

After the errands, we plan to unwind too! Maybe eat at our favorite restaurant or watch a movie. How about you? What is your plan this weekend? Enjoy!

Time pressured

on January-21-12

One thing that I love to do is multitasking. Now, that is not one thing at all, right? Well, multitasking really helps a lot especially when time is limited. You want to finish so many things. Well, do not get pressured or you will not be able to finish anything. Learn to strategize also.

Who is Darren Wohl MD? Well he is a doctor from Cary, NC. He is a doctor of Gastroenterology and you can consult to him conditions that involve General Gastroenterology, Advanced Endoscopic Interventional, Biliary Tract Disease, Esophagus Disease. How did I know this? Well, have you heard about doximity? Well, actually doctor’s profile are all over the internet. But, how about getting doctors’ profiles by becoming a member of the Professional Network for Physicians? Yes, doctor’s information at hand. Signing up is free. Look at the benefits! Sometimes doctors cannot really work alone. Not all the time that a fellow is available or all the specialists are in the same area all at the same time. Well, give someone else who could help a call.

Real love

on January-21-12

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Any ideas you have in mind for your special someone? How about, send flowers online? That would really be very convenient, right? Surely, your lovedones will get the best flower arrangements, bouquets, fresh! Chocolates are also very much appreciated by all women. Jewelry, though quite expensive also makes the list. Number one of course is showing your real love and not just by words and gifts, right?