Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Amazed with modernization

on November-25-11

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? I think I have mentioned in this blog that I do! I love that show. I originally loved ER but is that show still existing? One thing I love about medically inclined shows is that you will observe some aspects of modernization also. Just like in charting, it can now be computerized! Yes, I think I saw a cpu cart in one of the medical shows that I regularly watch.

I am really amazed with technology. Oh, memory of my late Dad flashed inside my mind. Well, he used to be amazed with computers before or even just the calculator and the use of telephones.

Beauty technology

on November-25-11

Here in our country, many people believe that cutting eyelashes will make it thicker and even longer. I have nieces who experienced that from their mother who only wanted them to be prettier, I guess. 😉 Oh, need not to worry nowadays as there are best eyelash growth products already! Yes! I wonder if the celebrities already tried that?

Technology nowadays are not only about gadgets, huh! There is beauty technology also!

100 Days To Heaven

on November-19-11

100 Days To Heaven. This was a TV show at ABS-CBN2 starring Coney Reyes.

100 Days To Heaven is one of the shows that ABS CBN2 can really be proud of. I particularly love its final episode.

100 Days To Heaven is a story about greed, power, forgiveness, humility, spirituality,  mother and daughter relationship among others. It also depicts the pressures of the society. Struggle to succeed.

In the end, we are reminded the true value and meaning of life. That is love. That is God.

We will all die and hopefully, all of us meet our Creator someday.

My son wants to be a scientist someday. I can imagine right now, him in that white robe, thick eyeglasses, studying elements in test tubes in his own laboratory. Well, his name is Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. 😉

He has another interest and that is, computers! Well, he loves to play computer games and his weekends mean computer day! Whole day of weekends or if you disturb him he will tell you that you are ruining his weekend. 😉 Oh, son!

Having the inquisitive mind that he has, one time he asked me how computers are made. Oh, no! What will I tell him? I have to know how those circuit boards are assembled with Halogen Free Solder Paste, then there are other parts like the body, fan, memory card and others. I have to review first my Tech 101!

It is really hard to raise a child, huh! It is fun though! Indeed, ids are the joys of our lives! :)

If there is one thing that I do not like to have, it is diabetes. Not only that it is life threatening but it is something that might cause a lot of complications especially if you are not aware of it. Even the medications that are available and medically prescribed to fight the disease or for maintenance might be dangerous to your health. Recently, there is the discovery of actos bladder cancer. The medication, actos is actually an aide to fight type 2 diabetes but then again, it has always been a warning for all of us that before taking anything, it is best to seek the doctor’s advise and be rightfully prescribed of the medicine. Now, if the prescription was given without looking at your history and other factors that might cause harm, that is when the problem will begin.

Special gifts for men

on November-13-11

I have so many guy friends thus mens gifts are my tasks today. I want something personalized for each of them. Generic for not so special ones? Nah. If you are going to give, give something special, right? Or, not give at all. Give something that will be appreciated by the recipient.

So, how many gifts I have to think of? Maybe later. everybody is glued to a boxing match right now. Later, I will go back to that task.

Themed party

on November-3-11

I a actually going to look for nursing uniforms sale! Yes, I have so many nurse friends and those uniforms as gifts would be really useful for them. But, I am going to buy for my group in the office. We will wear it in our Christmas party! Yey! Time of the season again! Themed Christmas parties and lots of food! I am excited. I was tasked to buy the costumes. I am sure that all of us will have a great time playing medical practitioners. Oh, I wanted to be a pediatrician before. :)

I just watched a Grey’s Anatomy episode. It was pretty good! It is all about team work. Owen, as the Chief Surgeon is doing a good job incorporating his military management skills too!

I smell that Lexie is going back to Mark’s arms. Oh, what will happen to Jason? Maybe, he and April are meant to be.

Am I writing a review of Grey’s here? Nah, I really enjoyed the episode!

Save more trees

on November-3-11

If there is one thing that I can be proud of, it is my love for trees! I am conscious of every product that contributes to killing of trees thus I totally go for the paperless office software! It has always been a drive in the office to go paperless but we have not really been successful. I know, the software will be a lot of help. We can save more trees!