Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Life is really like a wheel.
I feel needed and that is my weakness?
Nah, I am just doing what the person in his right mind has to do.
Anyways, I just give it all back to the Lord to guide me and to provide for all my needs.
I can do it, I know, with his help.
The wheel turned and it is now your time to give back.
I say this to myself. Not that I am expecting anything in return… I have to plant good seeds. My child is still very young. I hope that I found a good soil.

For Boss

on October-27-11

There are so many gadgets around that are pretty amazing. I am glad that most of them are affordable too like the golf gps watch that I have seen in the market. Wow! I am planning to give it to my Boss this Christmas. He loves to golf. He will be surprised by this watch. He is already seventy thus he is not that familiar with latest gadgets besides the fact that he is really busy with his business.

I had coffee with my friends last Friday and we talked about insurance, being laid off, offers and retirement pay. It is the hard times in the workplace and no one is sure of what is going to happen. Those who are in danger are sort of preparing for it already. But, then again, we all have to prepare. In everything, indeed, preparation is the key.

Follow your heart. Go to where you will be happy or happier or even happiest! I guess, that’s what prompted Mariel Rodriguez to transfer to TV5. To each his own! I know that her talent will even grow more in her comfort zone. Back to Willie Revillame’s arms too!

Good luck, Mariel Rodriguez!


on October-19-11

My Aunt at 81 years old is still groovy and can even afford to attend dance parties. Well, those classic dance parties when you have to dress up. Ballroom, it is! The last time I got the chance to party with her, I was tempted to ask if she went thru Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. I am curious how she maintained such health and energy! Healthy lifestyle and clean living? I believe so.

Exercise and eating the right kinds of food and well balanced diet might just be the keys. Yes, health discoveries can be helpful too! Enjoy life to the fullest even if you are already old.

Sweet guy

on October-19-11

Will he miss shopping for personalized Christmas gifts for her this year? Oh, having broken up does not mean that you have to stop giving gifts to one another, right? More so, it is actually one of the ways to be back in each other arms again.

Patrick called me and he said that he would still like to do what he usually does during times like these. He shop early to get the best gifts for his girlfriend. He is really such a sweet guy.

I advise that he gives her a vintage bracelet.  :)

As I look back, I realized that I have been in the blogging world for quite some time now. Yey! Well, it is not easy to maintain a blog, I guess. Thank you to the web host of this blog who has helped me a lot through the years. I really appreciate that.

Are you looking for cheap web hosting deals? There are so many in the web. I think all of these web hosts have their own plus points but of course for those who are just beginning to have their own sites are just still crawling. They have to find one that will teach them to stand. Well, also, if you are just starting, you do not want to spend much already. There are web hosts that accept non-annual subscriptions. You can try the web host service for a few months first then if you liked your stay, you can then decide an annual subscription. There are promo offers for annual subscriptions so better take advantage of it.

Read reviews of web hosts too! It will definitely help you to know more about a particular web host.

Do not think of the few bucks that you will spend for a web host. Surely, it is all worth it.

Pleasure trip

on October-12-11

A friend of mine just came from an Asian Tour! He spent seven days traveling around Hongkong, China and Macau. He even looked more handsome the first time I saw him when he arrived! What a nice vacation can do, huh? Pure pleasure, it was for him. I said this because sometimes, we go on a business trip. Seldom that we take a vacation and make the most of it.

As he distributed the goodies that he bought from a Chinese store, his eyes were twinkling as he told us about his experience. He most enjoyed the night life and the casinos! Oh, can he only do that in other countries? Well, he have not tried one here before. Anyways, he said that he enjoyed those card games like blackjack! He said that it is similar to lucky nine. He also tried poker.

Oh, I really envy his experience and I am planning my own travel one of these days. For now, I will just check on online casinos and maybe do some practice so that when I go to a real place one day, I will have more chances of winning. Good thing that there are fun practice games available online.

Here it is!

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Care and cure

on October-12-11

Drugs, to cure or to do harm? Funny but not all drugs can alleviate certain conditions. It might particularly attack what it is prescribed for but then again, it may be contraindicated also at one point. Pretty contradicting, huh!

Taking so many drugs may harm your liver. Which is which?

Have you heard of Crestor lawsuit? Yes, that is a lawsuit filed against Crestor. The drug may do wonders for high cholesterol levels but beware of what it can really do to your body.

They always say that prevention is better than cure. When you are there already, you try hard to look for that cure though. Just do it with a little care.


Change the channel

on October-2-11

I have not been watching much TV lately. What’s up in the TV world? Locally, I mean. Yes, I really do not enjoy local TV shows here in our country anymore. That translates to I do not like nor enjoy watching local films too. Well, there is still Eat Bulaga of course or maybe its Pinoy Henyo segment that makes me stay and for some minutes do not urge me to use the remote control. Other than that, nothing else, I guess.