Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on August-13-11

My nephew is suffering from toothache. He is afraid to go back to the dentist because he was told that he must undergo an operation. Yes, afraid of the operation. Also, he is thinking about the money. It is costly and they do not have the budget yet for that. It is time for Dental Insurance. It is a sort of wake up call for all of us when things like that happen or the need like that arises. Indeed, we have to save for all the things that are sort of unexpected. I say this because my nephew has nice set of teeth. It happened that he has so many of them and are now crowded in there causing the pain.

Not ordinary

on August-13-11

Trina loves medical scrubs. Believe it or not, she is not a nurse nor anyone who works in the hospitals but she buys blouses in a scrub store! Well, talking about innovation in clothing or introducing something that is not ordinary. Yes, gone are those plain whites or blues or any uniform in plain color. Besides, everybody must express himself in fashion! Yes, I can hear that, Trina saying as she told us that she will have another shopping spree this weekend!

New printer

on August-7-11

The receipt printer of the nearby small grocery store at out place needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it produces no receipt at all. The cashier is always apologetic whenever she has to ask the customers to wait for a few minutes for the reprinting of the OR. The store guard will not allow anyone to leave the store with the items bought without presenting the receipt. I hope that when I go back there this week in time for our weekly grocery, I will see a new printer.

In the Name of Love

on August-3-11

Have you watched, In The Name of Love? It is the movie of Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach. I watched it a while ago and I can say that it is a good film. I am glad that it earned well in the box office.

The story is about two OFWs who met in Japan. Dancers in Japan. The twists started when the man was imprisoned for 7 years because of things not under their control or sort… Well, you know, sometimes when you are in need, you tend to jump the cliff to be able to reach your goal. It is just that, you have to take real great risks and suffer from the consequences.

The plot of the movie is quite heavy in the heart but it was told in a very light manner.

I really like this movie. I am glad it has a happy ending.

For those who have not watched the film, I recommend this film.

A gift with a purpose

on August-3-11

Michaela, the wife of my friend is thinking of putting up a restaurant! That is a real good news because that woman is really a superb cook! Now, she is asking us to donate even one restaurant equipment for her to eventually start! Now, the ball is in the hands of their very good friends! That is another great idea! I told them to make the restaurant’s name, what are friends for or that’s what friends are for or the friendly meals, to that effect. :)

Now, my imaginative mind is triggered about a business of my own! A furniture store with themes! Well, you know, something like, A Gift with a Purpose title. The thought is to give something that one can use for business, like my friend’s restaurant!

A week stretch

on August-3-11

I very much need a cash advance today. Yes, right at this very moment, do you have some extra money to spare? 😉 Well, all of us come to this situation, right? Oh, I never been comfortable with less than one thousand bucks inside my pocket. What to do? Thanks to cash advance, whoever invented that! :) I guess, I shall just look for the best deals later. It will still be a week to stretch and make both ends meet for the family.

Free delivery

on August-3-11

My friend AJ called because he has a great find! He found bunk beds free shipping. That is very important to have furniture delivered for free or no extra cost at all. He was very happy because he lives in a real far place from the furniture store. As a matter of fact, those delivery charges kept him from buying additional beds for his newly renovated house. Since he lives in a very quiet subdivision with great amenities like a big pool and a sports house and a tennis court, he is anticipating more guests this summer. To make them comfortable at night, bunk beds will surely serve them well.