Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for June, 2011

To the second floor

on June-25-11

What is inside my mind right now? Food! My sister in law is cooking Pork Sinigang with lots of vegetables! Perfect for a rainy day! I am thinking of Chicken Pork Adobo later. Then, there is choco porridge for merienda! Most of all, the family is complete and we also have other company, the family of my sister in law.

I am planning to do it every weekend. Well, we are just together right now because of the pending flood. we have a second floor and that is where all of us will stay if ever.

Try it in our home

on June-25-11

One of my friends went to a care giver class. One of the most valuable lessons that she can still use until now is about carpet cleaning raleigh nc. Sometimes, I tell her to try it in our home. 😉

Do you have carpets? How frequent do you have it cleaned? In our office, I think it is only twice a year. Yes, I know that somehow that is too wide of a period.

Wish granted

on June-25-11

I received a text message from one of my friends and I was surprised about her openness. Well, that is because we have not really been that close compared to the friendships that I already established with my other buddies. What was her text message? She was asking if I know someone who could lend her ten thousand bucks. She said that she wanted to buy a gift for her husband. I told her to check loans online. She was very happy to learn about it. Yes, her husband got his wish!

Plastic out

on June-25-11

Her dream of waste segregation has not been realized yet. An anniversary gift at steel drum, maybe? Well. she is really into environment and those steel drums might really be of use to her. Plastic has been out of her mind ever since she realized how it could clog the earth. I am sure that she will bring this to topic again because of the typhoon season. Yes, I also wonder what has been keeping us to finally launch that campaign?

A big flood

on June-25-11

Uh-oh! She woke up today with dark circles under eyes! Had a late night or she did not sleep at all? Well, it has been all rainy the past two days already and until now. There was a typhoon, Falcon as they named it. They said that the water level already reached its limit and the possibility of a big flood should not be undermined. People are somewhat panicking right now.

In a minute

on June-25-11

I went to the grocery store yesterday and the cashier told me that she needed to have the receipt reprinted because it was not clear. Oh, the importance of a good document imaging, I guess they already realized that in that very moment. I asked how long it would take as it was a rainy day and I was actually in a rush to go home. It did not take a minute so I forgot to become more irate.

More durable

on June-23-11

It is rainy season once again here in our country. Oh, in the other part of the world, it is Summer since yesterday, right? Well, I love Summer and Rainy Days, the same, I guess.

What worries me this rainy season? I just had an experience last time that the network cable of our internet and satellite connection has to be replaced. Good thing that the contractors came immediately. From then on, it has been all well. Maybe they put a more durable one. Good, very good. :)

Big hit

on June-23-11

We were in the mall last weekend. Lots of people were in the mall which is quite usual for a weekend, I guess. However, there are more last time, maybe because it was Father’s Day! We chanced by a store that sells Travel Gift Ideas for Men. Oh, it was a big hit for them as most moms, daughters, sons and other people who just want to travel and buy something were there!

People get sick

on June-16-11

Oh, why do people has to get sick? Does it mean that they are tired and their cells could not just relax and go on but instead warn the body to rest? That is fatigue, right? But what about those viruses in the air? Why can’t everyone escape it? Why does someone catch it?

Oh, I am just worried. Someone close to me and very important at that is sick again! I cannot do nothing about it. Well, people get sick. That is a fact.

High tech charting

on June-16-11

Talking about convenience? That is what poc carts are about. I am really amazed that there is such thing as that. Well, I have not noticed it in the medical shows that I have been watching or maybe I was not just paying attention to those details. Anyways, Point of Care Carts are mobile computer set-ups or what I call high tech charting!

See for yourself!

I actually want one for our home.