Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Small dirty bump

on May-29-11

One of the lessons that we did not learn in school is how to remove pimples or did you? Well, maybe indirectly as we were thought of proper hygiene like washing our dirty faces before going to bed.

I know someone who spent big bucks just to remove one big pimple.

How do we get that small dirty and annoying bump? Stress, oily food, make-up, allergies, staying late because of too much partying?

Oh, one thing sure, I am glad that there is a cure now for pimples!

Eight years

on May-29-11

They say that if you want to lose weight, eat more protein. Avoid carbohydrates. No sweets. Myths or facts? Well, as for me, weight loss has not been that easy. Besides the fact that I am diabetic and want to survive, eating foods at a lower amount seem makes me weaker each day. What is the deal about protein supplements? What is myotein? Another fat burner? I have been hearing and reading news about this because of a woman who is still in the weight struggle. Oh, it has been almost eight years.

Go for it

on May-19-11

It is almost June. Graduation here in our country is usually March or April. I wonder if many graduates were able to find jobs already. There are still many who are unemployed. Well, is it a matter of choice? I believe that there are many jobs to land on. It is just that some people think that they might not qualify or they are over qualified without even trying. My policy? If you think you can do it, then go for it! Never mind first what is indicated in the job wanted. Well, you can always prove yourself in the interview. Be interested first or make sure that at least, you will have a job that you really like or love so that you could really work in the real sense of the word!

I was watching a TV show about toddlers joining a beauty contest. Heavy make up, lights, glitz, glamor for very young kids! One contestant was asked how long does it take for her make up to be put on. She answered, two minutes! Whoa! The host-model was amazed as according to her, it takes hours for her face to be fixed. 😉 Well, compare a mid 30s face to a four year old,huh!

Anyways, there different strokes for different folks. Different mixes for different surfaces. Make-up is like painting, do you agree? Well, I am no expert here nor a graduate of any Cincinnati beauty school yet. I just believe that putting on make up is a skill. It should be honed. You have to study it and perfect it for you to be able to do it best.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 4450 Eastgate Boulevard – Cincinnati, OH 45245

I really do not like pretensions. You know, assuming something that you are not. I do not like plastic people or those who could not stand for who they really are. Well, like for example, if you are jobless, then admit that you are jobless. Maybe you are not just employed or being paid for what you do but in reality you are doing something, and even a more noble job than the rest of the working community because your job is maybe taking care of your kids at home.

There are better deals on laptops nowadays. Maybe because of the competition? Well, it benefits the consumers thus I think that competition is a good thing. I still prefer laptops over tablets if you will ask me because of practical reasons. You know, the memory and the performance are two things I always consider. How about you?

I have my laptop though I am not using it as much as I do before. Maybe because it is old already. Thus, these laptop deals are really good timing. Yes, time for me to get a new one!

Beauty regimen

on May-6-11

Too tired of false promises? Well, in life, we always would like to find out what will work best especially in conditions that we feel helpless about. Like everybody else, right? What bothers you the most? How about acne? There is epiduo gel. Have you tried it? My nephew who has been so conscious about his skin is asking me to buy one for him. Oh, teenagers. Good thing my son is still too young for all those beauty regimens.

To win

on May-6-11

The competition is on! Well, it has been mostly on for the past years. Each one thinks of its own gimmick that will appeal to the public. Advertisements and marketing strategies have been hyped. Even the business postcards have greatly been improved and the frequency of sending it to clients has been increased. Indeed, each one will do everything to win the competition!