Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Dream weight

on March-29-11

I advised my friend about OxyElite Pro. Well, she is already depressed about her weight. She cannot contain herself in eating though. She is also lazy to exercise. Thus, she needs some help. I hope that one day, she will be able to realize her dream weight again. When she goes to the mall, she can’t help but become regretful that she cannot buy clothes from the kid’s section anymore which she used to even though she was already than adult then. Well, good luck to her to lose at least 50 lbs.

After eating

on March-29-11

Are there times that after eating, you feel like vomiting ? Could that be a reason why some people smoke? Well, I feel like getting a cigarette right now. Well, I read that hoya de monterrey cigars have good flavors. Well, I want something like mint all the time be it in candies, ice cream and maybe even in a cigarette.

Speaking of cigars, that will be a good gift for my friend who will be celebrating his birthday this Saturday.

Ankle stories

on March-29-11

This person I know, she always trips. Maybe she needs an ankle brace. Oh, the show I am watching now, the main female character, she had ankle sprain too. Then, my office mate in my previous workplace, she wore an ankle brace for almost a month. She was also guided by crutches.

My nephew before was also prescribe of an ankle brace because of suspected talipes equinus. He is okay now and is playing good basketball.

I am beginning to hate the story of MARA CLARA. I mean, it is not realistic anymore that a villain will be able to do everything that he wants to do. It is becoming sort of violent too. The characters of Clara and Gary are real bad. Then, how can Mara be manipulated by Christian? First and foremost, you have to trust your parents, right? Anyways, everybody inside the house would still like to watch that soap. Me? I turn my headset in full volume and watch House MD instead.

Blogging purpose

on March-20-11

When things go wrong, you just have to go back and rethink. Trace the error and there you are, you can start again. Like blogging for example. For those who are using their blog to earn extra money, that includes me, traffic is very important. Number one of course, is the content then the traffic. When you start blogging for money, you tend to forget these two. Do you agree? Maybe, all your energy is focused to earn and you forget that in the first place, your blog is supposed to be about what you can share or whatever it is that is your own. If your blog is just full of post with links in it, then maybe, it is not your blog anymore but an advertiser’s blog, so to speak.

Just like this blog. Very few personal posts without links even though the posts with links are written in a personal level.

Go back to the basics.

Visit other blogs too. After all, what is your purpose in blogging?

No more excuses

on March-14-11

Get a designer upholstery fabric and have our sofas revived or buy a totally new one? My friend has all the excuses in the world to buy or not to buy a new living room furniture. Well, maybe she is already contented with what they are using right now. They have been using it for more than eight years already as their son will be turning eight. Anyways, I know that I will be able to convince her to buy a new one after she saw the designs that I am telling her about. :)

Be Protected

on March-14-11

My son bumped his head and to make sure that he will not have a little forehead growing on his broad original forehead, we got some ice! Eventually, the skin went down but left a red mark. Very red one at that! Oh, we almost burnt his skin. How come when we used cold? That is the very basis of a cold therapy lawsuit. Well, prolonged use of cold can really cause burn. It can even lead to being paralyzed if a major nerve was damaged. Bel’s Palsy, for example has cold temperature as one of its hypothetical causes as its cause is really unknown. Good news at least that there is O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. You will be protected of any malpractice of cold therapy in the future.

Basic life remedy

on March-14-11

Life is definitely a wheel especially if you let it. Well, making your life turn around. Going from up to down. Going up is always good. Going down, I do not want to imagine. Be in the middle and stay there perhaps, then you will not have any problem at all. Pretty basic, I guess. Live clean, save a little, enjoy life, protect yourself from bad elements, do not step into someone else’s toe, and have faith.

My friend is very generous and she always wants us to be a part of her new endeavors. Well, for one she got to take us to her new condo. I think I was not that behave though as she bragged about laminate floor. Having worked in a construction company, I know what kind of material was used for her flooring and it was definitely not laminated. Anyways, she argued and who was I to push it? I was just a guest thus I must be gracious, right? Anyways, the floor was nice as it is but true laminated flooring is way way best!

I have a favorite in one singing competition and thought she is still young, she is big. No problem because there are plus size corsets that she can always wear to make her look curvy. I think she did last time as I saw that she looked slimmer. Good for her as she got the total package in the making of a superstar.