Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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From rags to riches

on February-27-11

From rags to riches. From riches to rags.

Before a company strives hard to be big. Now it wants to cost cut and become small.

How ironic, huh?

Life is really like a wheel, I told my friends during one of our siestas during lunch.

Well, business models are to be followed. The new trend is here to stay. Anybody who could give the pros and cons of outsourcing?

Two magic words

on February-27-11

Another weight loss vitamin in her list. According to her, she got it at a cheaper price compared to what she bought before. Discounts! Sale! Two magic words that you will eventually take advantage of when you go shopping right?

It is a weekend and I hope that we can catch some magic dust also. You know, shopping time! Oh, everybody is excited! Happy weekend, everyone!


on February-27-11

Own laptop, telephone line, and even brother printers are available plus my own desk and chair or you may say my own room of sort! That is the exclaimed statement of my nephew why he is aiming for the job he applied for yesterday. He applied for the marketing assistant position which will be his stepping stone and eventually be his tool to climb that corporate ladder. I know that he will make it. He just have to wait. I can remember that I waited for years before I finally got my dream job.

Clean your colon

on February-27-11

After too much eating, you should do colon cleansing. If you have seen the intestines of animals, for those who eat these kinds of food, then you can already visualize how your own intestines look like. You can also imagine it as a tube or as a straw. When something passes on it, it gets dirty. How do you clean it? Yes, drinking lots of water may do but having colon cleansing will definitely be much better or best advised.

During meal time

on February-27-11

Tea, coffee, soft drink, juice, or even water are weight loss drinks. Yes, as long as they have the prefix or the word, diet before them. Diet soda, oh, sugar free for juice, zero calorie, diet tea, diet coffee and many many more. The one that is gaining popularity these days is the diet coffee. I have a couple of friends who ave been into this diet. Any success? Yes, there is! One friend of mine is really skinny now! I have tried all of the mentioned diet drinks. It is just that, I drink it during meal time.

It will go away

on February-27-11

I think he got the best acne treatment! I am talking about my friend who will soon be a groom. He has a big acne problem. Since he does not want to look bad on his big day, he went to a dermatologist for consult. Good move. Right move! Look at his face now! Not even a trace of acne! Well, I do not like to ask how much yet because first, I do not want to ave ace. If ever, I could not avoid it, then at least I know now that it would eventually disappear with proper treatment! :)

Best wishes to my friend!

Mistaken for a girl

on February-27-11

Skinny legs, smooth skin with no hair at all, no mustache, he is being mistaken for a girl! He must go to his doctor and ask for testosterone boosters. Testosterone is the primary male hormone. Speaking of hormones, these sort of regulates things inside our bodies. The hormone is a form of cell stimulator. It should just be right and as much as possible not in excess or short of. I am sure, you have heard someone saying or having a condition called hormonal imbalance. The manifestations of hormonal imbalance may not be good. It is a good thing that there are now hormone boosters. Again, do not overdo it.

Let it serve its purpose

on February-27-11

One of my good friends sent me an e-mail about the Top diet pills for women. It is a very good read because women nowadays tend to forget to take care of themselves. Having a family should not be an excuse for one to just let things be or be fat and be ugly. An hour or two a day for me time might be enough for someone to still have a life. As of losing some weight, yes, it is the hardest part. Well, there are diet pills. Let it serve its purpose.

First aid

on February-18-11

Not only salesladies who stand for long hours need compression stockings. I think everybody should have one. Well, everyone who thinks that they have leg problems and all that. As of my friend, she travels for at least two hours one way. Since she commutes, sometimes, she will be seated so uncomfortably especially if her co-passengers are big like her and when the vehicle is small for her legs not to be stretched or just be in one position for a prolonged period. That’s when the problem starts. Her legs become edematous. Her first aid will be compression stockings.

My mother in law dropped by our house. It is one of her surprise visits. According to her, she visited an optical shop with cheap eyeglasses near the area. She mentioned that because I am also wearing eyeglasses. Hmmm… the package is nice. It is very affordable. I might just get one for her and for me. Now, that made her smile. Well, as a Valentine’s gift to the mother of the one I love. :)