Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for December, 2010

Think health

on December-28-10

She was very glad that Christmas has passed and her husband was not able to get through the ekg machines. Her husband was sick Christmas of 2009. This time, they made sure that everything will be in control. They did not cook much food. Actually, they did not really prepare for Christmas that much, unlike last year. Well, they realized that they should really think of health this time.

Ready or not

on December-28-10

While browsing through the book of karaoke songs, his friend announced his name to be the next one to perform. Already? He has not chosen a song! He was caught in surprise but was he really. He told everybody that he was not ready but then again after pressing some numbers, the song Be My Lady played on… As usual, the girls shouted and were really pleased. Good thing he did not bring his girlfriend along or else, it will be a different kind of shouting afterwards. :)

Memory of childhood

on December-26-10

Hello there! How is your Christmas so far? Oh, how I love the season. It is always happy. Everybody is full of joy especially the kids. I wonder of those personalized chrismas stockings are already filled in with their wish lists! Have you complied with what you saw in there?

One of the decorations I love for the Holidays is the Christmas stocking. You can play with it as to its color and design. Most of all, it is something that will forever be a childhood’s memory.

More than needed

on December-23-10

Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down. Sometimes, you feel rich. There are times you feel poor. Was there ever a chance that you hit rock bottom? I did! I do not like to be in that situation again. Well, there are ways for you to be prepared. Easiest way is to save. If you want a more secured future, then find something that will earn for you. Let your money work for you as they say. You can buy gold bullion for starter. We all know that gold is something that almost everybody uses. It may not be a necessity but its translation in terms of need and profitability is more than needed.

All kinds of spots

on December-19-10

My friend won a skin analysis treatment and she was surprised to know that besides the very visible acne, there are a whole lot of other skin conditions that she needs to address. There are wrinkles, red spots, black spots, brown spots, and other kinds of spots and colors! It was a wake up call for her to include washing of the face in her schedule before going to sleep.

Put on a happy face

on December-16-10

It was already twelve midnight when my nephew finished discussing the car insurance quotes that he wanted me to consider. Okay, I will make him my agent so that I could add to his sales. 😉 Kidding aside, car insurance is very important and all must get one. Those who own a vehicle, I mean. It is still very frustrating every time I remember my office mate who lost his brand new car and he did not get any replacement because he was not able to get it insured it right away.

Be secured and be able to still put on a happy face in cases you do not expect.

Start now

on December-12-10

I happened to surf through a forum about pci compliance hosting. Oh, I have nose bleed. I really do not know anything about this. All I know is that I have a web host and I am paying for it. Actually, I have an administrator. I thank her for doing everything for me. She is a dear friend. One day, I know that she will ask us to be independent especially when she goes back to the corporate world. I must start studying now. My plate is quite full though. I have so many things lined up. I have to budget my time.

Call the handyman

on December-12-10

I go out and dine out for good conversations. You know, eat and burst out those bubbles of stress, angst and anything that you want to turn into positive. When you go out with friends, you talk about big things, small things and anything under the sun! I really enjoyed the last time I had steak with two of my friends. Do you want to know what we talked about? You would not believe it but our topic was about handlesets and carpentry. You know, house repair and all! Boring? No, it was exciting and fun! It was really relieving to talk about people who just let their doors with that open hole considering that there are affordable and easy install door knobs. Pure laziness, I guess. Call the handyman, instead!

Smarter than the smart

on December-8-10

How come credit cards are being stolen without actually getting the physical card? High technology and not so high at the same time, huh! Should I say not enough security for the credit cards or the actual chip needed to be read itself is the one being read by the thieves? Then the burglars could really be that smart to be able to make a device like that. Well, if they are smart, someone should be smarter to protect the rfid present in credit cards or even debit cards, I suppose.

Fun season

on December-3-10

Dark eyes? Nah, I just need dark circle eye cream and this will be gone soon. Yes, I need to get decent sleep also in the coming days. Not now though. Still has to do a lot of things to the rush. You know, Holidays! We have to finish inventories, reports, presentations and a whole lot of brain storming for the coming year. Then afterward, parties and more parties! Fun, fun, season!