Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Right company

on November-25-10

He decided to invest in gold bullion in five minutes. What an instant or rush decision? Sometimes, we make surprise acts but it turns out that it is for the better. Should I say that those things that we do out of the blue tend to be the right things to be done and really do us good. Yes, they say that when we are going to decide on something, we should really think it over especially if it involves a big amount of money that will come from our blood and sweat. You know, investing your money that you saved for quite some time is really a big decision. Well, gold will always be a good choice. Just make sure that you do it with the right company.

The right cycle

on November-24-10

What is your idea about green cleaning? Do you know that those soap suds and cleaning materials could actually harm the environment? That is what green cleaning is all about. Get products with the green seal or something like, safe for the environment. Sometimes, you might think that it is ironic, huh? You wanted to clean but in effect, you are making the world more dirty. That is when you do not have the right materials and maybe the right attitude. You clean your own place while dumping your garbage in another place. It is a cycle. We must break that and make a new one. The right one.

For the dogs and puppies

on November-24-10

I am not much of a gift giver. Meaning, I do not just give you anything because there is a need to give or it is time for gift giving. Ask me something though and I will definitely look for it. I really do not know but I myself experienced being given gifts that I really cannot use. I do not have anything bad about it and I do appreciate the effort but I would appreciate it more if you ask me if I want that or not. In that case, everybody happy, right? Anyways, gift giving should not be an obligation. It should come from the heart. Most of all, make sure that what you will give would really make the receiver happy. Just like right now, I am looking for dog beds. My cousin would surely love it for her dogs and puppies! Hey, it will be the dogs and puppies that would really be happy, on the second thought. 😉

Pregnancy or trying to get pregnant entails a lot of preparation for the woman or the mother. Never forget the child of course. That is what prenatal vitamins and other food supplement do. Let us face it, we do not get everything in the food we eat especially if we have bad eating habits. That is especially true for women. Taking of vitamins should actually be a habit. It should be taken everyday nowadays that life is full of external forces that might affect health. Number one is pollution and preservatives.

I think two of my girlfriends already found the best fat burning supplements that would really work for them. It has been sixty days and both of them already lost ten pounds each. What they are taking is quite expensive though. On the other hand, this other friend of ours has a more affordable alternative. Very cheap compare to the two are taking right now. To each his own, I guess, even in diet!

I was sort of surprised with the news that Shalani Soledad is the new co-host of Willie Revillame in Wiling Willie. What kind of move is that? I think that Willie can do the show by himself. Shalani is good and might help the show but her entering showbizness seemed awkward.

I tried watching Willing Willie to see how she is faring but she really needs to learn a thing or two from her supposed to be sister in law to be, Kris Aquino. Shalani has always been a pretty face in the political arena. How about showbiz? She has not prepared for it yet. More practice and maybe she needs to review her wardrobe also.

Steel and movable

on November-11-10

My friend worked in a construction company. He invited us to visit their site one time. I was amazed to see metal buildings! I think that it is very practical. No wood, no cement. No problem about termites. That’ really a good idea!

I am glad that there is already an innovation like steel buildings. Recently, there was a newly built school cluster in our municipality. Yes, buildings made of steel and movable too!

Pretty in pink

on November-11-10

Hard work pays! She can now fit in those bridesmaid dresses! One of her friends will get married this December and the design of the dress for the secondary sponsors requires a slim figure. She has been dieting for almost two months now and so far, she is one size smaller already. Good work! I am sure that she will be very pretty in that pink dress!

A boy’s wish

on November-11-10

I wonder what is in a boy’s mind today? Would it be that red car? Oh, are you thinking of Ferrari parts? Who does not dream of that car? I do! I do! I love to have that car! Who will give it to me? Will you? Oh, a boy’s wish when he was young. I hope that he will realize it someday. May it serve as an inspiration to him for him to study well, and to try harder in this life. Who knows? He might just be able to buy it in the nearest future!

Responsibility to others

on November-7-10

Sometimes, there are unexpected things that might happen. Those incidents that you might call an accident or due to negligence maybe? However, those could not be excuses especially if something harmful has been done. These cases are usually prevalent in hospital settings. Some are detected, some are not. Yes, those responsible might get away with it just like that. Not when somebody takes a stand. Thank you to those brave individuals who pursued a DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit during that time. It encouraged people to be aware that somebody might not be doing his job. People in all profession must be responsible for his actions.