Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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As expected

on October-29-10

So the day has passed. It was two days ago that everyone was just speculating and contemplating and what have you. Finally it was done! Finished! Yes, the others got what they expected but the others were not contented. The others are now richer by thousands while the others have to still work hard for it.

There is always a reason or a purpose for everything. We should be thankful of whatever we have so that we will not get envious of the others who we feel are more blessed. Who knows what is ahead? All you have to do is keep doing your best. You could also prepare for your own future and maybe you will be even richer. Try a bullion maybe or anything that you are good at.

This is the day

on October-27-10

Can this be the day?
Will I see smiles?
Will tears flow?
Or, it will just be ordinary?

Can this be the day?
Will the world be on our shoulders?
Will we just take it lightly?
Too many questions.

Can this be the day?
Will there be finality?
What will happen next?
Will we get what we expect?

Car club

on October-27-10

Uh-oh! My friend encountered a car malfunction and he was alone! Good thing that he has membership to a roadside assistance club. All he had to do is dial a number and the help came very fast.

I do not have my own vehicle yet and because of what I hear from my friends, I will definitely get a car club membership when that time comes.

I am wondering if I can also apply and get one of those management jobs. I met with one of my friends yesterday and according to him, he was able to get his present job today online! Imagine that! Some people could really be so lucky! Much more, his work is overseas! He was able to grab a real big opportunity. Now, he is encouraging us to look for jobs online also. Imagine, doing that at the comforts of your own home. It is his flight today, so bon voyage, my friend!

And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My friends, they say it clear… Yes, I am having that last song syndrome. I was in the mall two days ago and that song kept playing inside my mind as I rushed to grab all those sale items! Yes, that mall was on sale and it was almost closing time when I arrived! I should have thought of going there earlier. I hope that there will be another sale so that I can buy those gold bullion at the house and home section. Yes, just an ornament. Not the real one yet that you can get from United States Gold Bureau.

The good acid

on October-26-10

Sometimes, those things that we avoid could actually be good for us. Just like conjugated linoleic acid, who would have thought that it could be good for the diet and those who want to lose weight? Not all acids are bad after all, huh! Maybe the theory is like combating something with its own kind. So, check what is inside your fridge right now. Better yet, start including linoleic acid in your grocery list.

Energy and endurance

on October-25-10

Hey, dieters! Have you heard about learn more about p90x? Yes, another diet program that you might want to try.

I am glad that not all diet programs are actually about meal replacements. There are also combined exercise regimen and stressing that it is indeed a vital part of the weight loss journey. Actually, if you cut on food alone, you might feel weak. If you exercise, you will feel better and eventually be healthy too and even gain more energy and endurance.

I have always wanted to launch a program in our community. I am sure that many of you are familiar with the waste segregation system. Until now, I have not realized that dream of mine to do something for the mother earth. I need steel drums to serve as garbage containers. A plastic one is easier to find and is more affordable but I think it will be ironic for the drive. As much as possible, our environment does not like much plastics around, right?

Lifestyle change

on October-25-10

Lanie asked her friend how to get rid of acne fast. She was very much stressed lately and that was the prize she has to pay. What can she do? She has to stay late and finish some deadlines. Sometimes, she forgets to wash her face and even wipe all the oil coming out. With dirt and lack of rest and even lack of nutrition, there is acne. They say that it has to start in lifestyle change as always but then again, thank you to dermatologists and inventors of acne treatment products. :)

Free publicity

on October-25-10

So, the initial telecast of Willie Revillame‘s new show was last Saturday. I was able to watch some segments like that baloon popping game. Well, it is a primetime show and that game was really naughty. Well, they might want to catch some free publicity by doing that. Anyways, the MTRCB chairman seemed very cool about it and since she understands or somehow has her mother to guide her about the ins and outs of showbiz then there was no clamor over that naughty game. If I were one of the people behind the new show then might as well use some people who would sort of criticize that game. Anyways, the purpose of free publicity will then be defeated.