Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for September, 2010

Watch her perform live

on September-29-10

Yes, I will do anything to get lady gaga concert tickets. Yes, I am a fan! I will be definitely like my friend who bought the concert ticket of her favorite Korean singer at a very expensive price last month! Lady Gaga is really talented and whatever I will pay for the ticket for me to be able to watch her perform live will be all worth it! Surely, it will be a wonderful experience!
Lala, oh Lalala..

Charice and Lea

on September-29-10

Life is like a wheel. When you are on top of the game, you should hold on to it or take care of it so that you will not be at the bottom again. That is what Charice is doing, I guess. She should learn from Lea Salonga. Well, there are a few numbers of Filipinos who made waves in the international scene but was not able to sustain it.

I am constipated and the dietitian told me that I need colon cleansing. I feel bloated already with too much water intake. I read in some magazines about colon cleansing and it might mean taking in or drinking detoxifying agents. I already bought papaya. I hope that it will do the trick. I should schedule it, I guess. I could not function when I do not eat much food. I know that colon cleansing should be done regularly. I should find time to do it.

Honest Kris

on September-28-10

So, Kris Aquino is leaving Win na Win. What an honest person to admit that she was asked to leave. Well, she is truthful also in admitting that a noontime show is not for her. Anyways, she will still have Deal or No Deal. I am sure that that show will rate.

Go, Kris!

Consult son first

on September-28-10

We need a new table. I am looking at modern furniture and I am liking it. Maybe it is really time to level up and let go of those traditional ways. There are lots of innovative furniture designs that will add freshness to each home. Yes, go with the times. I like colors. Red and white maybe. I have to ask my son too what he might want. We always consult him especially if what we are going to buy is actually for him.

The expert

on September-24-10

Life is like a wheel. I hope that those old gold coins will be visible again. I wonder how much is its value already if ever. You know, the value of gold always increases and never decreases. Though here in country, it is directly proportional with the dollar value. Talking business, here? No, I am not an expert like United States Gold Bureau. You better consult them or visit their site if you want to invest in gold or even other precious metals.

As of now, I have to content myself with those gold chocolate coins which is my favorite! Have some!

Before going to a meeting, how about some hotdogs? One of the headlines in my favorite morning show is PNOY treating people Hotdogs! Now, I am hungry!

Go, PNOY. Continue to be as simple as you are. We know though that you are rich but as a Filipino, you are poor.

Hey, peeps, do you get what I mean?

Not the case all the time

on September-23-10

When you say nitrix, it means for Nitric oxide. It got its name from the element. Imagine how many vitamins and minerals and elements we have in our body needed in different systems and functions. Sometimes, we are thinking that as long as we eat everyday, then it is enough. Think again because it might not be the case all the time. Interesting, huh! Thanks to information galore from the net to be able to learn about these things. I have a new discovery in Nitrix.

Harder to lose

on September-23-10

I am quite interested in ephedra diet pills. That is actually for my friend who has been struggling to lose weight. Believe it or not, I am doing the research for her because I support her weight loss journey. After six years, she has not lost any but instead, even gain weight in the process. Well, as they say, it is easier to gain but harder to lose.

Continued trust

on September-23-10

My nephew really likes the acne products that were given to him by his dermatologist. According to him, it is working! Some of the big ones are already gone. He just hopes that there will be no dreaded scar. I assured him that he should not worry about it. He just has to follow all the things included in that prescription. He should continue his trust.