Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Potential investment

on August-30-10

My son asked me to buy him a chocolate bar. The pure one which will just melt in his mouth is the one he specifically likes! Well, okay, I can do that. What if the time will come that my son will ask me to buy gold bars? I will tell him that maybe he will be the one to be able to buy that for us. Hahahaha! I know that my son will grow up to be a responsible person. It might still be early to introduce him to potential investments in the future but then again, why not? The site of United States Gold Bureau is bookmarked in our computer. I hope that he will be able to open it and maybe be interested. He can also comprehend serious topics already as he was curious about what business books are saying on its covers when we went to a local bookstore last month.

Crazy dream

on August-30-10

Was that a dream last night or this morning? Anyways, the scene was very clear. It was in the office. I was asking my friend if she already bought GIFT for our another friend who celebrated her birthday last week. She said that she did already. Where it is? I asked. She said that she placed it on her table. I got it and saw that the gift/gifts were placed in a big gift bag. I was surprised because our gift was supposed to be a bottle of perfume. Why the big gift bag? I found out that my friend bought another set of gifts like 4 pieces of hair bands. That made our contribution doubled! I was tempted to tell my friend that she should shoulder the price of the extra items since she did not consult us about it. Hahahaha! Then, I heard my son calling me already to follow him at the bathroom. What? Oh, I was awake already. Crazy dream!

I love tennis

on August-30-10

Yes, I love tennis! Gog, go, go! Sweat it out. What a work out! Only in my mind, guys! Hey, I am in front of the PC. I have to develop an exercise routine though. The wheel of life that I love is that part when I am young and healthy. The truth is, we age thus we have to find ways on how to at least stay healthy. tennis is a good sport though it needs lots of stamina. I have a friend in College who plays good tennis even though she is on the heavy side. She played a lot during those days as she really loved the game. She introduced me to the sports and from then on, I learned to love the sports too. I am now PRO… Okay, only in video games. :)

Business with support

on August-30-10

I wonder what are the investments that rich people venture in. Maybe buying a bullion is one? Why not? If ever I will be able to invest, I will definitely go for precious metals. I think that gold has proven its value all throughout the years for so long. That is why many people do invest in gold. Silver has gained some popularity also. There is platinum too. Moreover, if you really want to go big, there is someone who could help you. There is United States Gold Bureau. Yes, you can get the precious metals there. If you want some education or guidance, they can also support you with that.

Just like any brand wherein a particular product is identified with, for noontime show, when you say noontime, you will say, Eat Bulaga! I read from recent reports that the new show Pilipinas Win na Win hosted by Kris Aquino, et al., could not not catch up with the ratings. Could that be the reason why its time slot was moved? You can now watch PWNW at 130 PM after Show Time.

Peace of mind

on August-17-10

I believe that in everything that you plan to do, preparation is the key. Review classes are very important. My son is only at grade school yet the subjects are hard already as far as I am concerned because I really could not remember the topics anymore. It was ages since I took my grade school classes. I am thinking, how much more will be the high school subjects and more so the College subjects. Before that, the entrance examinations! I am glad that there are sat prep classes already available online. I hope that there will be other courses that will be offered. Presently, there are LSAT and GMAT also. These online classes really help and sort of give me some peace of mind because by the time my son reaches College, I do not know if my mind will be as crystal as it is today.

For him and for me

on August-17-10

I am currently enjoying a replay of Amazing Race Asia. It is really a nice show. I love the noodle making by hand. Then the shopping of clothes then the puzzle. I could not take my eyes off the TV but I really have to do other things. First things first. Actually, I am making a plan for the upcoming expenses. I am done with netbook reviews thus buying a netbook is included in the list. My friend encouraged me to buy a desktop but I really prefer something handy which I can bring anywhere I go. Yes, I am actually considering a Mini Netbook. I am excited. Yes, that will be my gift for myself for Christmas. My son is actually asking for one also. Hey, including this one I am using right now, there will be three netbooks already if I will give in to his request.

You can do it

on August-13-10

One of my favorite quotes is: When a door is closed, a window is opened. I do not like windows to enter to. I am not a thief. I believe that when one door is closed, there are lots of other doors to enter. You will definitely be able to come in if you find the right one for you. Destiny, it is. I do believe in destiny but I also believe that we create our own paths. It starts in the course we choose in College and the choice if we are going to pursue it, finish it and practice our profession. So, deciding is crucial. Think of what you really want to do. If you think you have the talent for example and you love doing it, then maybe you should go for it. Ask yourself now. Do you like where you are? Is what you are doing something that you love? If not, then it is not too late to start again and do the thing that you really want. I am saying this because of my friends now is currently searching for hair schools in Wichita. Once she found one then she said that she will definitely submit that resignation letter and pursue a salon business. She will be her own boss. That is what she likes to be. Good luck my friend. You can do it!

Get serious

on August-13-10

The best place to buy gold coins is at United States Gold Bureau. You could even have a consultant to assist you especially if you really want to get serious with gold. You can collect or maybe invest. You could build your own catalogue, maybe. It is advisable that you also take a look at other metals available there. I must say, I prefer silver. This metal is gaining followers in the market. My friend told me that she really likes silver because it is more flexible. I do not know what she meant by that. Anyways, I like silver too.

I almost fell off my chair when I mistakenly read in my friend’s blog that she is a spendthrift! I could not help but laugh at myself. This friend of mine is a certified of all certified shopaholics! She could already buy gold coins with the money she used for all her accessories. She always says that she will already stop or sort of control her shopping urges. I really hope so, my dear! :) Seriously, I think she does that as a form of therapy. Women have this tendency to eat or shop whenever they are happy or sad. I read that she might consider United States Gold Bureau in the future. Anyways, she could turn those gold coins or even silver ones into a ring, a pendant, an earring,a bracelet or even a necklace! It is still a win win for her. She satisfied her urge to shop and at the same time she was able to invest.