Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for July, 2010

What do you think of log furniture? I think it is a good option. There are some resorts that use log for their beds. It gives a certain ambiance that you are really far from the city. Now that is a good idea. I will buy a log furniture for our second floor. Well at least make a wood theme in the bedroom. That will help us relax more. When you are here in the city, the only place where you can totally relax is inside your own room. I do find sleeping as my form of relaxation.


on July-30-10

I think that in the nearest future there will be cases like the Transunion Settlement here in our country. Many people are taking advantage of the information given to them and I think had found a way to use it. I am warning you! It might mean law suits and millions of pesos to be spent. Do not wait until people complain. All they have to do is to get good lawyers that could support their cause.I am talking here about a credit reporting company in the US that violated Federal Credit Reporting Act. Maybe the people behind that scheme never thought that people would react.

Is it the end for Willie Revillame? As far as the show Wowowee is concerned, the answer is YES. Well, one of his supporters, Cristy Fermin always tries to lift his image. Maybe, Willie is a good man. He has proven himself coming from scratch, surviving, reaching success, failing, being able to go back again, then failing again, it is a cycle. Life has always been like a wheel for that man.

A reality

on July-26-10

My computer says that I have limited connectivity. Could it be because of my moving my laptop and pulling the cord? Well, you know, I feel tired already sitting on that chair. Now, I am here at the floor. While I am trying to write this post, I am listening to my favorite show. Why listening and not watching? Well, I have to do some tasks and finish it on time. Yes, I am working while trying to relax at the same time. If only I have enough cash already to afford everything I want then maybe, I do not have to work at all. But, as my friend told me, no guts, no glory. Yes, I am determined to give it all until I could already buy gold bullion. Well, I am not just dreaming. I will surely make this one into a reality.

July 26 marks President Noynoy’s Aquino first 30 days in office and he has to deliver his first Satae of The Nation Address (SONA). I wonder what he has to say. I hope that he will not focus on the negativity of the country’s situation but more on the positivity and hope to move forward. I hope that he will just simply tell the Filipinos the state of the nation without blaming anyone. What done is done and we cannot do anything about that. Maybe he could just propose and seek help from everyone to do his own part in making the nation progressive again. It starts within each and every Filipino.

Just pure talent

on July-19-10

Who would have thought that Charice will be that big as she is right now. Hers is another Cinderella story. It is just that, her prince is no one but her talent. She got good breaks. Thank you also to Ellen, Oprah and David Foster who gave her some exposure. I am sure that Charice has all the money now not just to buy things that she loves like shoes and clothes but also to buy gold coins! Yes, I want to give my unsolicited advice to the young woman. She has to invest her hard earned money wisely. Since she is in the US, them might as well check out gold bureaus that could help her with a very good gold investment.

Not a choice

on July-15-10

Bright ones will definitely leave seeking growth.

I was watching my favorite morning show and the sort of business segment talked about employee training. who should be given training? Only employees who perform? What is the importance of training?

Bright employees leave when they feel that nothing is happening with their career there. In the first place, are they supposed to be there? Am I asking myself? You might ask me how long have I been in the company I am working for? well, you might again ask, why it took ten years before I was able to realize that I do not fit in?

You stay because, you have nowhere else to go…. It is not a choice.

Remodel it

on July-15-10

It has been long overdue for the outdoor home lighting that I bought a month ago to be placed where it should be. I tried to clean the patio yesterday so that I could set it up but it rained and electricity was cut. Now, I have to go back to the office and I do not have time again. Maybe next week, I will finally be able to remodel our front porch. Wish me luck!

Getting ready

on July-15-10

I want to have a health plan like that of Blue Advantage. To be sick is something that nobody would like to be in but of course there are uncontrollable circumstances that might just bring you to that condition. Just like my son, he now has coughs with the dreaded phlegm because his cousin went here yesterday and played with him. It happened that his cousin has cough. well, I could not tell him to go home because it will be very rude of me. I do not like to hurt his feelings.
Going back, when you get old, the more you become sickly because the immune system is not that strong anymore. A health plan is a must. Just getting ready and it is the right thing to do.

Talk to a child

on July-15-10

How inquisitive a child could be? My answer, VERY! My kid asks questions like, what causes hair loss, how caterpillars eat, why are there mosquitoes and the like. Sometimes, you just run out of answers to all their queries, right? So, if you want to really learn, I suggest that you talk to a child. They have lots of ideas also at the same time. Crazy ones? Yes, there are real crazy thoughts that run in their minds but there are ideas also that are so unique, you will be surprised!