Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on June-28-10

Two days left and President Noynoy Aquino will be taking his oath as the new President of the Philippines. It was really fast for this man. Who would have thought that he will be the next president?

I just thought just now that he and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo have something in common. What is it? Both their parents were also past presidents of this country.Idol ko si Ma, Idol ko si Pa. Mom is my idol for Noynoy while Dad is my idol for Gloria.

Every Filipino is hopeful for this transition. I am praying.

New rooms

on June-28-10

Finally, we have decided to have our second floor be built by December. We are trying to think positive as possible. We are projecting more cash flow. Everybody is excited. You know, having new rooms in the house means furnishing it. One thing that is always present in the room is a television! Can we also squeeze in a budget for a flat screen TV or just settle for the old style and do it with good tv stands instead? Well, having a small cabinet for a TV stand could save some space. But, I want my room to be spacious as possible and I really do not like cabinets anymore. Okay, I really want a plasma! :)

Favorite fish

on June-22-10

I could not remember anymore when was the last time that I ate galunggong, it is a kind of mackerel fish. Today, we craved to eat it again together with lots of tomatoes! I have fond memories of this fish because my sister and her friends used to eat at our house. This fish is their favorite. Today, it will be our favorite again.
This fish is also a part of Philippine history because it is considered before as the indicator of our country’s economy. Imagine that! The rise and fall of its price would also mean that our economic situation was improving or not.

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What is your favorite appliance inside your house? Let me guess. It is the LCD TV, am I right? Watching TV is a hobby of many. Thus, the term couch potato was born. Thank you to technology that watching TV is now more enjoyable because of the new TV designs.

We do not have our own LCD TV yet. Maybe by December, we will finally be able to buy one.

Romantic night

on June-22-10

Garden weddings are popular. It is the month of June and many couples are tying the knots during this month. What is with June, huh? Oh, I forgot to greet my cousins who celebrated their wedding anniversary last June 12. I was very young when I attended their wedding. I went directly to the reception which was held in guess what? A garden. It was a romantic night. The outdoor garden lighting set up added beauty to the occasion. Indeed, it was unforgettable, especially to the newly weds.

No definite answer

on June-21-10

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. “
~ Confucius

Is this a sign? Can I really quit now? The question is, do I still love my job or I am just forced to do so. What makes me stay? Is it only about money?
So, what job would make me happy? At this point of my life, is it not too late for me to ask that? Other people my age are already successful. Maybe because they made the right decisions. They were able to choose the job that they love.

Again, I am asking myself. What could it be that I love to do? Funny, but I do not have a definite answer right now.

Shiny gold

on June-17-10

Buy gold bars, buy gold bars, buy gold bars! That thought keeps echoing inside my mind. Okay, I should look into it. Why not? Gold is valuable. It is a good investment. When I talk about gold, it does not mean gold jewelries only like necklaces and bracelets, rings and earrings. Yes, there are also goldspoon and fork, and others. More popular form is gold coin. I could still remember when I was still a child, I used to collect gold coins! Not the real ones though! I just wrapped the coins in that gold wrapper! Funny, huh! I am fascinated with that golden shine!

We are the reason

on June-15-10

My favorite season is Lenten Season. More than Christmas, I love the second Christmas, which is Easter Sunday, the day that Jesus was brought to life again!

Do you know the song: We Are The Reason? It pretty tells of how God loves us so much that Jesus died for us.

We are the reason that He gave His Life
We are the reason Jesus suffered and die
To the world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To Show us the reason to live.

As I was writing that, I was singing the song in my head. Whenever I recall the story of how Jesus suffered, my faith is renewed. It is as if he really cleans my soul with His blood. The story of Jesus’ Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection is also one of the most celebrated.

Sometimes whenever I complain about life, I just think of His sufferings. Hey, He did not do anything to deserve that. I do not have the right to complain because most of the times, things happens to me because of my own wrongdoings.

It was still very early in the morning. I was lucky to catch a bus ride going to the office. On our way, it was unusual that there was a traffic on that vast highway. The reason? There was an accident. A man was lying on the road together with his motorcycle. I could not see any indication though that it was bloody or maybe because it was still dark. Yes, it was around four to five AM and the mighty sun had not shown up yet. I wonder if the man was still alive. I hope he was .

Sometimes even if you were really careful in driving, you get hit unexpectedly by some reckless drivers. When I got home, I watched the news and there was another accident. This time, it caused death. There was a couple in a motorcycle again. According to the driver, they were driving at the safe side of the road and as a matter of fact, they were not driving fast knowing that it could be dangerous. He said that they were just hit all of a sudden and his wife was thrown out on the opposite direction. It was bad that she was brought to the hospital but it was too late.

It is really painful for the victims. Sometimes, they do not get justice because of lack of resources like the money paying for a lawyer. Filing a case already has a fee and moreover, you have to pay for the Attorney’s fees. It is very hard for the aggrieved party since they are already under so much. You know, they have hospitalization expenses and not to mention the damage that it cost physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Sometimes, the families of the victims just agreed to settle out of court. If they do that then they do not really get what is due for them.

Same course

on June-11-10

How early should you research college degrees? Should it be after high school graduation or even earlier? What will you get from it? What are the factors that you have to consider? Usually, a few months before graduation, students are asked to fill out application forms for Universities already. Other parents let their children to try each and every available school. They are thinking that they will send their child in the school where the child passed. Is that practical at all? Maybe if the child selected the same course. When I was in that position, I tried to apply for Journalism. I was not accepted. I settled for a course that I thought will give me a better opportunity like going abroad. Did I make the right choice? My answer right now is, NO. Maybe if I will work harder then my answer will eventually be YES.