Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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My way out

on May-31-10

Diet, diet, diet! If you hear women talk about diet, you could just laugh about it. They discuss everything from weight loss pills, foods that could burn fat, exercises and their success. :) Well, I observed that some of them did lose weight. Maybe that is because of the contest. yes, there is a small big loser contest in the office. Whew! The winner will also win some money. Each contestant will pay the biggest loser one thousand bucks! That is not bad at all I did not join because I prefer to eat! :) Kidding aside, I could not give in to stress and eating is only my way out.

Delay aging

on May-31-10

Who wants to get old? There are ways to delay aging. There are beauty products, hgh releaser, and for those who have the money, they resort to surgery or any cosmetic procedure that will really cost you something. How about me? I do use facial wash, whitening soap and sometimes do some exercise. I am not really living healthy yet but I would like to in the nearest future. It will take a lot of discipline and determination but I hope to do it.

I miss my friend

on May-31-10

I called my friend to check how he is doing in the new country. He said that he is busy looking for jobs in philly pa. That is the first thing that someone does when he moves into a new country or even a new place. Look for a job. That is why sometimes, people are afraid to move out of their comfort zones. Why leave a good job? Why leave good friends? If you have all that then there must be a real good reason for you to be able to decide to give it up. Yes, I miss my friend.

Good outcome

on May-31-10

When my sister decided to have a baby, her OB gynecologist gave her prenatal vitamins already. She was also asked to drink lots of milk and eat as many fruits and vegetables that she can. Maybe she went overboard that is why she is really big now! The good outcome of that though was she gave birth to a very healthy boy. That was my first nephew!

My friend is currently searching for the best online degrees. He did not finish school and now he has decided to pursue a degree. That is good news! He is still young and to go back to school is the best decision he could ever make. His parents will be very happy and proud. Since he still needs to work to support his needs that is why he might just study online. It is okay since there are good schools to choose from. Sometimes online colleges are even better.


on May-31-10

We have a small house but I believe that if we put some design furniture, it will be real cozy. Right now, what we have are big sofa and cabinets and we just placed them anywhere. The ordinary living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom set up. I really want a revival of our abode. It needs some redecorating. After all, home is where we stay most of the time thus it should be the most relaxing and most beautiful place for us.

Beach scenes

on May-23-10

What I like watching foreign movies? The location. I learned it from my Dad. We were watching a movie then and he said that it was like going to that place also and for a cheaper price. Imagine, you do not have to pay for an air fare. All you have to save for is the price of a movie ticket.

I really like scenes shot in beaches. I dream to live in a house by the sea someday. I heard that there is a place in Costa Rica where it is best to settle. Does Tamarindo ring a bell? Yes, I would like to purchase a Tamarindo Real Estate property in the future. It is selling like hot potatoes nowadays and if I wait longer, I might end up leasing out a house or a condominium unit instead of having the property under my name.

Yes, or No. It is up to you. But then again, we realize that it is not really up to us.

Those are not actually the exact lines of McDreamy. Somehow, the gist of the story. Shonda Rimes always comes up with a very good ending so that people will look forward to the next season. Yes, I am one of the avid fans of the show.

It was shocking saying goodbye to Reed, Percy and other members of the hospital like nurses and doctors that were shot. We almost said goodbye to Alex and McDreamy too. Mcbaby on the other hand was not totally created yet. Hey, Ms. Rimes, why change your mind?

Anyways, decisions. Yes, or No. I leave it all up to God.

Short life

on May-22-10

Another death in the company. She was barely 34 years old. That came as a shock to me. The more I value life. You know, life is short thus we should make the most out of it. Live laugh, cry, love. Do everything that you want to do. Be contented. Be happy. Aspire. So that when that time comes, you are ready.

Steady drive

on May-22-10

I am quite afraid these days. I do not like the wheel to turn to the bad side again. Well, what am I worried about? Our finances. We are living one day at a time. We are not really in deep distress yet but I know that if we do not tighten our belts, soon, we will be back to where we were. You know, we do not come from a well off family. We are one of the members of the C or D community perhaps. Before, the classification is Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class. Now, there is A, B, C, D, and E. I could not say that we are among the poorest of the poor of course. That will be ungrateful for all the blessings that we are having now. I must say that we are okay. We are just getting buy. Not poorest but definitely not rich neither. Thus, I know for myself that I should think of ways on how to save money. We sort of earn then spend and no savings at all. No one to blame but us, of course. I do not have this practice of blaming other people for my miseries. I take it all upon myself. The only thing or the only person I have control of is me, right? So, what are my plans? Save, then invest. I might buy gold bullion or gold coins and anything gold in the future. Why choose gold over other metals? That is because the metal is popular and trusted by the many. Sometimes, when it comes to gold, you do not even have to sell it. Another thing, there are many known sources where you could get real gold thus scouting for it will not be a problem at all.

I really hope that my plans will pursue and keep the wheel on a steady drive.