Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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The simplest way

on April-26-10

If there have been suggestions for acne treatments like that of then maybe, everybody will not suffer from it anymore? I ended it with a question mark because I believe that it takes a lot of discipline for us to have beautiful skin. I myself will have an X mark on that. Well, you know, the simplest way is to wash or clean your face with soap and water but then again, it seems that we do not have time to do that.

Sleep well

on April-23-10

I have an insomniac friend. The doctor gave him medication so that he could sleep well. If I am not mistaken, that was also the medicines for cough. At first, I could not understand why he was given that. Anyways, we should trust our doctors. I just hope though that he will be given natural sleep aids. My Aunt told me before that bananas could cure insomnia. I just do not know if there are real therapeutic claims about that.

For your eyes only

on April-23-10

Internet is a venue for education. Yes, you will learn a lot of things. It is fun! Well, you might think that since there is no censorship, sites that are not rated PG or for general patronage might proliferate. Anyways, that is why we, adults are here to guide our youngsters. There are things that are for your eyes only.

My son could read now though he does not have this extensive comprehension yet thus I am sure that he would not understand extenze reviews but then again, I must not really allow him to read it. 😉 Anyways, he is just hooked with his games. Let him be that way, I hope.

Balanced lifestyle

on April-20-10

Life is like a wheel. For some, yes. For others, life could be constant.

Anyways, I saw this friend of mine and she has not changed a bit. Yes, the wheel did not turn for her. Maybe she was able to take care of herself that much. She lives a healthy life. A balanced one with the right food and good amount of physical activity makes her fit. I got to talk to her and asked her what keeps her slim. She said that she got fat also at one point in her life and tried everything like 7 day fat burner extreme, 7 day fruit diet, three day diet and a whole lot more. She was able to prove that a balanced lifestyle is the only key!

Life begins at 40?

on April-18-10

Is there still a chance for me at 40? Well, they say that life begins at 40! I could not or I never imagined that my life will start at 40. Meaning, my career and all that. What happened to the past twenty years? All were in futility? Talking about choosing the right path. Anyways, I should not push myself to the wall or bang my head. Til there is life, there is hope.

Coffee and cigars

on April-18-10

It is a lazy Sunday morning. All I want to do is stay home. Maybe, a cup of coffee at the balcony followed by some oliva cigars. Yes, I am imagining it to be a very cold morning that I need something to keep me warm. Cigars and coffee are good ideas, right? But, the thing is, I have to go back to reality and get up and prepare for work. Oh, if only… if only.

Have you decided?

on April-12-10

The national elections is very near. It is in no more than a month’s time! My officemate asked me who I will vote for. I am on the yellow side. I have not really studied about all the candidates but I know that I will vote for the yellow man for President. I really do not know his capabilities but I am just banking on his name. Well, he is the son of Cory Aquino, the former president of this country. His mother maintained a clean name and I am hoping that Noynoy Aquino will be able to live by it.

Sweat it out

on April-12-10

Everybody wants to know what are the diet pills that work. I am one of those hoping that there is really one. No side effects and anybody could take it. In one pop, or say 30 to 60 pops, one will be able to lose those unwanted pounds, as easy as that! However, in everything, to each his own, right? A particular pill may work for you but not for others. There is only one thing that will work for everyone. No pill needed. What else but, exercise! Sweat it out!

My son is big already. He knows what he wants. One day, he told us that he wants to go to circuit city. I have no idea where that place is but I imagined it to be a play town. Maybe one of the things he saw in TV. Anyways, we just told him that we will bring him to another place instead because there is no circuit city here in our country. Well, slowly he is beginning to learn how to separate the real and the unreal.

I recently read in a magazine that dark skin is caused by the blade. You know, the frequent shaving. That was a very useful information for me. Well, most people here in our country might not really be aware of that. We shave our legs, armpits, and face to remove unwanted hairs. Who would not want to have smoother skin? Thus, those who could go afford go for a more ideal treatment like that of dallas laser hair removal. Yes, thanks to technology that laser hair removal is now possible.

There is dallas laser hair removal. I find the package attractive. Hey, anything for your own good is something reasonable to spend for. Besides, not only that you will get a hair free smooth skin but more so, it is long term. For all you know, you are actually saving a whole lot more. No creams and blades and water and the hassle of shaving once or twice a week. Imagine that convenience!

I shall tell all my friends who have been worrying about facial and leg hairs recently. Actually someone close to me is worrying about dark underarms caused by frequent shaving. She was considering to just buy a hair removal cream. But, a laser hair removal is definitely better!