Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Road trip

on March-28-10

It is summer here in our country! How we like to go on a road trip! What are the things that we need? To maximize time and save some money, I think we should rent a motor home. Is there such thing as that? Could it be more expensive than staying at hotels? One thing sure though, it will be more exciting. You know, going from one place to another. We just have to make sure that we will not contact a motorhome towing service or our vacation is ruined! But, of course, if the towing service is fast enough to attend to whatever emergency thing we need, then we could still go on a smooth sailing vacation. Yes, I dream of a road trip. For now, thanks to buses and airplanes.

Life could be better

on March-28-10

March is about to end. One morning, we will wake up and it is already December 31st again and we will be welcoming another year again! Yes, time flies so fast. Sometimes, we could not cope up. I could not run with time. Well, time lost is lost forever and we could not bring it back. Very true, right?

Haaaayyyyy…. All I could do is sigh! Life is good. Life is good. I should always look at life as good. It could be better, I know…

Do I look like a mortgage calculator? I did not even have many Math subjects in College. Well, yes, I might be good in analysis but, Math, no! Yes, let the computers do the computing, huh! Well, I just thought of that since I am about to return to office from a two day vacation. I work for a telecommunications company and I belong to the Billing department. Actually, to be more specific, I handle billing concerns, or should I say, complaints! I must say that it is a group that has a high level of stress since we deal with irate customers and Math! Who could beat that, huh?

So, Knight Rider is a Pontiac? I so read in one article. I wonder if all the gadgets featured in the show are also available in stores of pontiac accessories. When do I start to be interested in cars, huh? Well, this blog is about wheel, right? Driving a car is like driving your life. There are so many other kinds of vehicles driving in that road. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Others drive carefully. Others drive so fast. Others overtake. Others take their time. The worst thing, others hit and you might be startled and even be destroyed. Those are the trials you have to go through besides the daily traffic during rush hour that you already get used to. There are rewarding days though when you feel that the road is all yours. You feel you could fly! Just like life. There are ups and downs. Sometimes, you want to stay up. Those times that you are down, you feel alone. You have to have a strong support system. That is why there are car clubs too! You know, when you get stuck at the road that you have to be towed. No need for a towing service. The club will take care of you. Your family will take care of you just like in real life.

I am planning to get my own car soon. A Pontiac? I do not know what brand yet. Maybe just something that I can afford and could really drive me through. I do not need a luxury car yet. I just need a necessity car. Honestly, I am afraid to drive. But just like life, I know that I could face it. I must if I want to survive! all I need to have is courage and determination. And, oh, of course, do not forget the driver’s license!

Better than cure

on March-21-10

Too much sitting or too much standing, they say causes hemorrhoids. That is why people who are required to stand or sit for a prolonged period have to undergo medical examinations first to rule out that particular condition. I wonder if they will be given treatment for hemorrhoid when tested positive and will still be accepted once healed? I really hope so. However, I know why the company is doing that. Operation for that is costly. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Money from the tree

on March-21-10

Hot day! I am quite disappointed too. You know the feeling of working hard and yet, people seems not sensitive about it. Hey, I do not just get money from the tree with no sweat at all. I am working hard for it. But, I should understand. They say that I should be thankful that I am not in their position. Yes, I do not have to borrow money from other people because I am so much blessed with work and more work for us to get by. But really, I have so many obligations and as a matter of fact, I am in a very big debt. I have to pay a huge amount and I am just still lucky that I can still get away with it for now. Sooner or later, I have to face it and pay for it. That is why, I am saving for it. That what pains me sometimes. I am trying to save but then again, other people will get it from me and I feel so helpless. I could not say, no. Well, they do not ask big amounts one time big time but those hundreds from time to time become thousands… I do not mind helping but there is a big difference between asking for help and abuse. Anyways, I will just let it pass or else I have to spend for treatment for acne because of breakouts caused by too much worrying. I am being hard on myself. You know, I do not even buy the things that I want and yet I will just give the money to them. Sometimes I wonder if this is my purpose in my life. Am I born to work for other people? Yes, I know that it is bad. I should have said no if giving them the money does not came from my heart. Could I say no? I could not. That is the problem! Anyways, I just have to be thankful for what I have and ask for more blessings from God. Okay, I will work, work, work…. I do not want to be in their position ever. Okay, I am fine now. Thanks to blogging that I could say whatever I want to say. I hope my in laws will not be able to read this.

An ideal family

on March-21-10

Life is really like a wheel. If you want to see more examples, go to Facebook and see old friends and foes. Some you will see the same, some changed…

I am glad to see friends who have moved and grown with the wheel of life. There are high school friends that I am quite happy to see ending up together. Imagine that! High school sweethearts could really have a future together. There are friends that I am glad doing well in their married life creating a good family of their own. Even those that I least expect to be successful are doing great, even greater than I do… thus sometimes, I also feel left alone…. No, I do not want to dwell in negative things. I have to be thankful of the life I have now. Yes, it might not be the one that I imagine it to be but at least, I also have a family of my own… which has always been a dream of mine. I came from a broken home thus, all I wanted is an ideal family in this life. I have one as of the moment. I thank God for them.

Great impact

on March-21-10

Everybody is gearing toward living healthy these days. People tend to be more conscious in the food they eat. They are starting to have some sort of daily physical activity too. Thank you to health awareness information drives that feature great topics like colon cleanser reviews which I think is creating a great impact on people. No one would like to die unhealthy or worse, suffer to death. That is something that everyone would like to avoid.

Big question

on March-18-10

Hohum! It is a beautiful morning! I am still sleepy but I really have to get moving and start some exercises to get rid of belly fat. Though I know and have proven to myself that the most effective way is not to eat I do not like starving myself. Thus I have to make a decision. I will exercise, instead? Yes, that is still a big question mark for me right now. My eyes would still like to close.

Good news

on March-18-10

We gave our program manager a birthday surprise! It was the chance for her to tell us what is happening around. There has been a rumor circling the company premises that sooner or later we have to do some job search and start all over again. According to her the group head really considers the potential of our group and we are here to stay. That is really good news to everyone!