Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on February-19-10

If you would like to go on a business venture, there are many strategies that you could do to make it successful. The company, I am working for has direct mail marketing as one of its effective means of promoting its products and services. You could do it electronically or by snail mail! Read success stories of top companies and you will see how effective it is.

Even for a few days

on February-19-10

Do you make a family vacation a priority? I really envy those people that do! Well, look atheir facebook accounts and there are photos of different places they have gone through as a family.

We have not really gone to another town or place for a vacation. Except for the usual free one day family day courtesy of the good company I am working for.

Family members should have fun together. A trip to the beach or just a stay in a hotel for a few days will do it. That will be a very good way to to bond with each other.

Eating more and more

on February-18-10

My boss is a stress eater. His wife got him enrolled in a gym class. However, since he is a very busy person and does a lot of thinking, he could not get away with eating more and more. He might need the best appetite suppressants already. However, his wife does not agree with that because it might have some side effects. Now, they are thinking of going to a dietician/ nutritionist to help them.

I noticed that ever since this blog has been created, I have not really changed my theme. I have been searching for a replacement but I could not find one. The magazine type with the click here feature is attractive but I am not really comfortable with it. I am not confident that my visitors would really click that and read more unlike when the whole post could really be seen. And, I am talking about reading posts, huh! I am not clean with that aspect too but I hope that I am not contributing to my blogger friends bounce rate. I do click for more when a certain topic gets my interest.

The answer to all my pains

on February-18-10

I am so happy to have found glucosamine cream! Could it be the answer to all my pains? Yes, as we get older, we tend to feel muscle pains more often. Maybe because we lack exercise thus the elasticity of our muscles deteriorate. Less movement would cause our joints to become stiff, thus there is joint pain. Of course, it is still best to see your physician especially if pain is not bearable anymore. Do not take those pain relievers right away because it might do more harm than good.

The smaller it gets

on February-18-10

In the office, many are sick. You would not even think that those people could get that. They look healthy and they are health conscious. But are they really? Right now, I am reading colon cleansing product reviews. I am quite afraid of colon cancer. Well, they say that you will not be aware that you have it until it is in its full bloom already. I read that once you move with blood, that is something to be alarmed of. One thing more, compare the size. The smaller it gets, there is something wrong with your colon.

Stay healthy everyone. Get rid of the big S and prevent the big C. S is for stress. C is for cancer. No one would like to have neither!

Main purpose

on February-18-10

I am fully aware of diet pill side effects that is why I am not really trying even a single tablet in the present. How? Well, I did try to finish a bag of diet pills before. The effect? I always feel full but thirsty. Meaning, I lost appetite for food. To be honest, I felt some palpitations also. That caused me some panic thus I stopped. However, there is one good effect of diet pills. What is it? What else but its main purpose. You will definitely lose some weight.

More challenges

on February-18-10

My office mate is a new Dad! Buying of prenatal vitamins is over. Now he has to face more than that. Being a parent is not that easy but definitely joyful. The laughter from a child that he does not even know yet as they say it is only gas has no compare to anything. I know! Wait til he grows up! More challenges he will encounter each day!

Internet shopping for me

on February-18-10

My new addiction is shopping! Yes, online shopping. You can buy everything be it treadmills, computers, small gadgets, clothes, and others. I purchased an I-touch recently. Now, I am about to buy a new desktop computer. I really enjoy internet shopping. It is very convenient. I just have to meet up with the seller and I already have the item I want. It is more affordable too as I could haggle for a lower price. 😉

One day at a time

on February-13-10

Stop unnecessary expenses and start investing in something that could make that string longer. Why don’t you buy gold bullion instead of buying ten pairs of shoes in a month? After all, you will not wear all those shoes then those will just be broken in no time. Unlike, gold, it will even increase its value. There has been no report in any market place that the value of gold depreciates. Indeed, you could even double your money if you invest in gold.

So, have you decided to prepare for the future? One day at a time? It is your option. All the best!