Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

So, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are calling it quits? After 6 kids and almost perfect married life in the eyes of the public, what could have went wrong?
They say that life is like a wheel.  Ha,ha,ha…okay, so the title of this blog. But, really, I would like to ask why some good things never last?

Here in our country, there is a proposal for the expiration of marriage license. For me, it is like divorce in another form or another name. In other countries, divorce is legal… thus so many break ups and so many broken families. But, who are we to judge?

Going back to Angelina and Brad, I hope that Jenny will be happy now. Moreover, am I wishing that Brad would go back to her? Now, that would be a real wheel!

  1. shellyt Said,

    According to there is nothing to the rumors that they have broken up. They are still together and supposedly, happy.