Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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The race is on for the Philippine’s Presidential elections. According to the popular surveys, there are two candidates that might become the next Philippine President. Are you for Manny Villar or Noynoy Aquino? There are actually so many other candidates namely: ERAP, GIBO, GORDON, JAMBY, BRO. EDDIE, and another one who is actually a kin of Gordon. Yes, eight candidates to choose from. The elections today are really different most especially the presidential race because there are so many cndidates. Before, there were only two candidates for the Predidential race but now, almost everyone wants to run the country. Healthy? I really do not know.

Work and have fun

on January-29-10

I am very happy to have seen my College friends. It is not that usual that you keep best friends from college. Usually, it is your high school friends that you keep. Sometimes, you do not keep all of them at all and just gain new friends from your workplace.

My friend brought his wife in that gathering and she is gorgeous. Lucky him! More than that, she has a business sense. She was able to inject life insurance quote in our conversation. Apparently, she is an insurance agent. Very clever! I really like this couple because they work together for the betterment of their future. They work hard but they still manage to have some fun. Now that is ideal!

I deserve a gift

on January-29-10

My mobile phone is already acting up. Come to think of it, I have been using it for more than 6 years already. It has served me well. I think that it is about time for me to buy a new one? I am really into this Samsung model that I would like to buy. Maybe this coming April, I will be able to purchase it already. Hey, it will be my birthday! I think I deserve a gift! 😉

So, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are calling it quits? After 6 kids and almost perfect married life in the eyes of the public, what could have went wrong?
They say that life is like a wheel.  Ha,ha,ha…okay, so the title of this blog. But, really, I would like to ask why some good things never last?

Here in our country, there is a proposal for the expiration of marriage license. For me, it is like divorce in another form or another name. In other countries, divorce is legal… thus so many break ups and so many broken families. But, who are we to judge?

Going back to Angelina and Brad, I hope that Jenny will be happy now. Moreover, am I wishing that Brad would go back to her? Now, that would be a real wheel!

Armoured warrior

on January-23-10

Life is full of surprises! It is good if you would like that surprise meaning it is a pleasant one. How about if that is the other part that might caught you by real surprise? Like accidents, which are really devastating! What if the person involved is far from you and you would want to be with him or her as fast as you can? Now, here is an innovation in insurance! I never thought that there is such thing as medical assistance program before. You know, it is equally important. Combine it with your other plans like health care and life, then you could really be totally worry free of what might happen in the future. It is like being a warrior complete with armour.

Late true love

on January-20-10

Let us face it, some people are really blessed physically and some are not. That is why science provides answers or solutions to things that are not given naturally or you are not born with. If you want a more pointed nose, you could go for a nose lift. There is also enlargement of the woman’s bosom. For men, they could take pills like vigrx for some increase in size. Be sure to consult a doctor though and make sure that it is safe for you before trying or taking these!

I remember one episode of Grey’s Anatomy and it is about a man in his 60s or 70s who wanted to undergo an operation to cure some things in himself to make her woman happy. At first, the woman involved was not introduced in the early part of the episode. You might think that maybe it was a younger woman. Finally, the new love of his life was introduced and she was almost the same age as his. Who said that true love could not come late?

My Aunt was rushed to the hospital three days ago. As usual, the cause is high blood pressure. Everyone was really worried about her because she lives alone. Yes, she does not want to leave her house and co-habituate with anyone. Good thing there are some neighbors around when she had an attack. Today, she would be discharged from the hospital. I really wish she has a Blue Advantage or any kind of health insurance. Yes, when a person is being hospitalized, the money involved in paying the hospital bill is also in concern most especially if you do not really save for this kind of expense. Who would like to be in a hospital, anyway?

Happy couple

on January-20-10

Wohoo! My friend is already pregnant! I am so happy for her and her husband! Finally, after three long years of being married, they are blessed with a child! Now, they are excited about it and would like to give everything for the baby. The best prenatal vitamins that my friend took worked thus they are very conscious with the mother’s health and of course, the health of the baby inside! I could not picture in words how happy they are!


on January-20-10

I am browsing through the net and just lurking the world wide web. Nothing in particular, I am looking for. I just want to kill some time. I was able to browse through a lot of sites from medical equipments, diet pills and even muscle milk reviews. I am beginning to be an internet addict again. It is a good hobby though as long as what I am doing helps me in some ways. You know, what I mean?

Vitamin fan

on January-20-10

I am not really a fan of vitamins but I think I should start taking in some now. The environment is not that cooperative anymore and no matter you want to stay healthy, there are so many health hazards that would come your way. Some people could also be inconsiderate and do not know what would be the effect of what they are doing to others. I am talking about one of my neighbors who love to garden and burn dried leaves at their backyard. Besides being bad for the ozone layer, our lungs would really be dark in x-ray because of that! I hope that they would be aware soon of its effects to everyone!