Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Believe in miracles

on November-6-09

Do you believe in miracles? I would like to write about this last Sunday when the thought is still fresh in my mind. We went to church and the priest discussed in His Homily about miracles and about believing in the High Power. He told about a poor mother who sat beside the hospital bed of her son who was diagnosed to have leukemia. Knowing that it would mean money for the medication which they are short of, she just lifted it up to the Lord. After five days and series of tests, the results revealed that her son was already cleared of any sickness. she thanked the Lord and the more she believed that indeed, there is a miracle.

I believe in miracles too. I believe in medicine also. When the doctors fail, God does not.

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