Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Dionisia Pacquiao

on November-18-09

Talking about life’s turn around, it will be Dionisia Pacquiao. From a skinny old provinciana to an english speaking celebrity who is now starring in blockbuster local movies, appearing in TV shows and other invites. You could see her now in bright gowns and sparkling diamonds from the old white dress that she used when praying for Manny Pacquiao’s every fight. Indeed, the Pac Mom has evolved!

Is it for better or for worse? All I can say is for her to enjoy the stardom while it lasts. I heard and I could see though that from a simple living, they are now enjoying a grand luxurious high standard of living. They deserve it of course. It is Manny’s life at stake every time he fights.

Now, if Manny stops boxing… there is politics. Why? For them to last?

I am proud of Manny Pacquiao. He is a great boxer. He is known worldwide. He has nothing to prove anymore. He has achieved much. Now, for them to keep living the way they do right now, politics is never an answer.

I am amazed

on November-13-09

Do you shop online? One of my friends does all of her shopping online. It s convenient. You just have to find the best sellers. Anyways, there are online shops that are not completely virtual. They actually have shops in malls or department stores too.

zenni toI am trying to shop right now for Holiday Fun Eyeglasses. I really like this site I was able to browse on. To my amazement, the New Arrivals section has so many pairs of eyeglasses that are so beautiful! I am sure that anybody who would be given a pair would be so happy. There is more! These $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses are for everyone! There are designs for kids and adults alike! Affordable at 8$, right?

I am really glad that we were able to hear the mass today. It is not often that I go to church since I started working. Bad me…

The priest was good. He was able to let us realize that God should always be First in our lives.

The homily for today tackeled about giving.
1. Giving expecting something in return- most of us do give expecting something in return. Very compensatory. I am like that most of the time. I pray that I will learn to be a better person.
2. Giving just to make someone go away- this is somewhat kind like the reward system or the padrino system or bribery… The example is about someone who keeps on asking for something and is becoming annoying alreay. So, even if we do not like to really give, we just let go so that the person will go away.
3. Giving for the sake of giving expecting nothing in return- unconditional, indeed. Hard to do? I know.

Believe in miracles

on November-6-09

Do you believe in miracles? I would like to write about this last Sunday when the thought is still fresh in my mind. We went to church and the priest discussed in His Homily about miracles and about believing in the High Power. He told about a poor mother who sat beside the hospital bed of her son who was diagnosed to have leukemia. Knowing that it would mean money for the medication which they are short of, she just lifted it up to the Lord. After five days and series of tests, the results revealed that her son was already cleared of any sickness. she thanked the Lord and the more she believed that indeed, there is a miracle.

I believe in miracles too. I believe in medicine also. When the doctors fail, God does not.

Big fight

on November-6-09

It will be Manny Pacquiao’s fight this November 15. Enough time for me to choose among these LCD tvs I am looking at right now. Actually, I already spoke with one of my neighbors to share with the pay per view fee. They have an LCD TV already and it will be better if we watch the fight there. He agreed. But, I am really hoping to buy an LCD TV for our house real soon.

Skinny me

on November-2-09

All Saints’ Day here in the Philippines is also a chance or a time for old friends and relatives to meet again. Yesterday, I went to the cemetery to visit my loved ones. It happened that a highschool friend saw me. He asked me if I am into a weight loss diet pill because I am skinny according to him, huh! I really do not have any idea why I keep on losing weight nowadays. That actually gives me some worries. I pray that it is nothing though.