Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Three is to one

on October-29-09

Since our desktop waved goodbye as it drowned in the mud, we only use this laptop. It is hard for three persons inside the house who are all internet addicts. We have been searching for an affordable refurbished laptop because the budget is just enough for that kind. I hope that we will be able to purchase one real soon. Good thing this laptop belongs to me.;)


on October-29-09

Some people are into brands. We went to register for the upcoming National Elections last Tuesday and we were able to talk to the person beside us. Because of the long wait of almost half a day, we talked about so many things like where he works. He is a sales person in a popular department store here. I asked if they are selling Dansko shoes but he said that what they sell are branded bags that cost not lower than one hundred thousand pesos. I asked if they sell and he said that there are sales of at least three bags in a week. He said that most of their clients are foreigners.

Skeleton costume

on October-29-09

My son wanted a skeleton costume for the Halloween party that he is going to attend in our office. We have this yearly celebration for the kids to go and have their tooth ache! :) Yes, with loads of candies and chocolates, I am sure that a tooth or two will wave goodbye soon. 😉

My son is on the heavy side. He wanted a costume for a skeleton? Maybe he wants to look thin. He is too young to take a fat burner but sometimes that enters my mind. Of course, good diet and exercise should still be first.


on October-22-09

It has been almost a year since I have this template and I am thinking of changing it. This was given to me by my friend and I like it very much. It is just that, sometimes, you would like to have some changes in your life. I tried to search for a better design but I did not find any. Maybe because, all I was looking for was the one that is for free. Well, when it is free, sometimes you do not really have the choice. You just have to accept what is available. Unlike when you have to pay for it. You could demand for what you really want. All the customizations that are inside your mind could materialize. All for a price, it will happen. The same is true about web hosting. If you want a better service, then you could get the best mysql hosting. Go to sites that offer reviews on web hosting so that you could see your options. Oh, why did I mention mysql in particular? If you need bigger data storage like social networks then you should have mysql. Moreover, you need a good web host. According to, host clear is the best mysql web host. I am far from that, though. I am just maintaining a blog as of the moment. Nevertheless, host clear also offers hosting for personal sites like a blog. For less than 5$, you could already have your own web host. Then, you could already enjoy that choice!

For my busy brother

on October-18-09

My brother has acne. I really do not know why. Maybe because of too much stress raising his kids alone since our mother died. He does not have a wife. He has two boys. I would like to give him an acne treatment treat for his birthday this November. I am sure he would appreciate it. I just hope that he would have time to go to the dermatologist. He is a real busy person.

Grab the pill

on October-18-09

I was thinking if I will start going on a diet today. Well, I will be staying home for three days and I think I will not need much energy. I could just sleep all day and do not eat at all. I might not need an appetite suppressant. However, I also realized that I have not been eating right lately. I would like to eat good food. Yes, I changed my mind. I will just grab that pill.

Talking about wealth

on October-18-09

Having a gold bullion might mean fortune for me! Yes, you know how much gold could mean. Gold is being measured in grams when you are about to sell it, right? Of course, there are also other criteria like the carat and its solidity. I wonder who found gold. That person is a real genius. People value gold so much that when you talk of wealth, sometimes, it is being compared with how much gold a person has.

Other precious metals, though also important only comes second or third to gold. After gold, is silver, then bronze. Silver though has become more popular because of its affordability compared to gold. If there is a gold bullion, you could also find silver bullion. If you are interested to invest in precious metals, make sure to purchase those from the leader in precious metal business. No other name comes into mind or in any search. Think, Monex.

I will miss Izzie

on October-16-09

I will certainly miss Izzie Stevens. Well, maybe, Shonda Rimes is just testing the waters whether she will finally let go of Katherine or not. The thrust is for grey’s anatomy to become like ER. Oh, how I love ER. Who would not? George Clooney is there! For Grey’s, there is Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. I am glad that eventhough at bed rest, Ellen is still visible in the show. After all, it will not be Grey’s Anatomy if Dr. Meredith Grey is not there even with Lexie around. Am I right, G.A. fans?


on October-15-09

One thing I have to learn- How You Can Start Spending Smart ! I am more into brand names. I think that branded things last longer. Just like My favorite high fashion eyeglasses, I bought a few years back and i still okay. It is just that, I have to save more money for me to buy again. But then again, why should I limit myself when I could actually buy as many as ten! Yes, $ 8 Rx eyeglasses are now available. At first, I could not believe it. There is even a design there that looks like what I have now that I could buy for even one fifth of the price or not even! I chose some designs and look at these high fashion rx eyeglasses. Amazing, is it not?


Go to a honeymoon

on October-14-09

My favorite TV show is back! I actually watched the first four episodes already. Well, actually three only because the first and second episodes were actually shown the same day as its initial telecast. I am ezxcited about the love stories in the show. Well, yes, I am talking about Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith and Derrick did not have a real wedding already I hope that they could have at least a real honeymoon. They can avail of Myrtle beach vacation rentals. I am sure that the fans will surely love it. Meredith gave a part of her liver to his father though. It was a touching story. They need to inject that to give way to Ellen’s maternity leave. She gave birth to a beautiful girl in real life. Ha,ha,ha! Yes, I am mixing reality with the TV show.