Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Let us play paintball

on September-26-09

My son wants me to buy him Paintball pants. I really do not know if he wants to get in to that sports or he just wants the outfit, lol! Seriously, paintball is a fun game and it develops alertness and endurance. So, I tried searching for cheap paintball pants. Luckily, I found where you could buy paintball pants, paintball guns, paintball goggles, hoppers and others. If you want, you could purchase paintball starter packages at low prices. They offer free shipping too. Choose your favorite brand. Name it and they have it.

Paintball could be a family game. Call your relatives and play paintball! Do not forget to buy what you need!


on September-26-09

They say that you could not choose your parents. When I was still a child, I used to envy my friends who have rich parents. They provided a house for their children, good food, nice clothes, best education, car and money. Yes, we are poor. My parents are poor or should I say they did not take care of their finances or they did not really think of us at all.

Hey, after rationalizing everything, I realized that I was sent to a private school too. Not the exclusive one but at least a private school. Maybe our money then or their money then was just not enough to cover everything that we want but just enough for what we need.

Now, I am a parent too. I hope and pray that I will be a good parent and my child will not regret having me as his parent.

Life is indeed a wheel.


on September-26-09

The beauty of a house also lies on the flooring. What material could you use for flooring? You could use carpet, granite tile, wood, plain cement, ceramic tiles, parquet and so many more. I went to the house of my sister and I am impressed with the big white tiles that they used for their flooring. It looks clean and even makes the house look bigger.

To go or not to go

on September-26-09

Hey, I am not talking about a take out hamburger or any food order at a fastfood restaurant. I am thinking about going to the office or not. The weather is really bad. It is raining cats and dogs and definitely, I will be wet when I brave this rain. Yes, there could be a typhoon but I could not confirm it in TV because our satellite lost its signal. I guess, I just have to prepare to go and pray that the rain stops even for a moment until I am already at the office. Oh, dear Heavens!

Come back to Disney

on September-26-09

I saw some of the pictures of my cousin’s US trip. She prepared hard for it. Her first stop was Disneyland. She made sure that our relatives abroad had bought the Disney Tickets ahead. You know, it is better that you do not have to fall in line for that so that you could save time and have maximized the day for all of Disney’s attractions.

It was summer when she went there. One of our cousins is inviting her again this November. She mentioned that the Halloween experience at Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is a blast and something nobody should miss.

We have a choice

on September-26-09

Life has been hard these days. But I do not have the right to complain. I always believe that I am more blessed and fortunate than others. I have watched the television lately and it is pretty depressing. However, the trials that come along our way are sometimes of our own doing. We have a choice to make.

How to go on living

on September-26-09

We have a hundred lessons on how to fight off death but not one lesson on how to go on living

I have just watched the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy for its sixth season. George is dead and everyone is sad.

Izzie’s mets shrunk and cancer cells seemed stopped growing.

So George is out and Izzie is still in.

Well, it only means sleepless nights for me again watching my favorite show.

So, the quote above, how do we really go on living?

We wake up. We eat. We take a bath. We dress up. We work. We sleep again.

Everything seems a routine.

Sometimes we would like to stop.

Sometimes we wish that the wheel stops spinning?

Get up and start again

on September-26-09

During election time, politicians try to convince voters to vote for them by doing charity works. I hope they could focus on things that people sometimes take for granted like medical supplies. They could give things like medicinal supplies for wound care, first aid kits, blood pressure monitor and others. In that way, they could create health awareness amongst everyone. As they say, health is wealth thus, if the people are healthy, then we could have a healthy country, right? If they need ideas, they should go to Allegro Medical where there is a wide range of choices as to baby and adult products alike.

After elections, what would the politicians do, especially those who lost? I suggest that they consider riviera maya vacations. I am sure that because of the beauty of the place, they would forget all their pains. They would be refreshed and would be able to get up and start again.

Change the filter

on September-21-09

Do you have a humidifier inside your homes? Then, you must check out this site that sells humidifier filters. Yes, you should change the filters if you want optimum performance of the humidifier. If the filter is already dirty, then it is time to replace it or else, your house will just remain humid and it will be a waste of energy and moreover, there will be discomfort.

Willie Revillame for Vice President? I just read it from Twitter. What can I say? No comment?

Okay, ERAP has really been an icon that almost all celebrities here in the Philippines would like to follow. In fairness to ERAP, he could boast of decades of experience because he was a mayor, a senator, a vice president and finally a president.

Many tried to follow his footsteps. Some became successful. Others did not. Look at Richard Gomez. He did not win the last senate elections. Could it be an indication that Filipinos are becoming wiser? I believe in GOMA, though. I think he will be a better senator than Bong Revilla.

Now, it is Willie Revillame that Manny Villar would like to use to boost up his popularity and eventually win the presidential race. Could Willie do the magic?

Willie Revillame for VP? As, Jim Paredes and Jiggy Cruz said in their tweets, WAWA WE!