Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Archive for August, 2009

I am watching Wowowee right now. Gabby Concepcion is the guest host for today. Together with Pokwang, they are hosting the Wheel of Fortune segment. Featured are young dancers.

Very dragging for me. Well, it is not that I miss Willie Revillame but I think Gabby is not fit to host the show. He has no rapport with Pokwang.

Anyways, why am I still watching anyways?

Okay, I have to go!

It is Holiday today. Might as well enjoy it by doing some other things.

Repair basics

on August-29-09

Let the wheel stop and get the motorcycle jack. It is time for some repair so that on the road, you have safety and not just luck. It rhymes, huh! Seriously, I think that all bike riders should have a motorcycle jack,even the portable one. We experienced that the motorcycle stopped and what could we do but check it on our own. Yes, another thing is that you should know the basics of repair.

Worry free

on August-27-09

One of the things that worries me is the future. What would happen next? Then, I realized, what am I worrying about? Money! Yes, who does not worry about money? We work because we would like to earn right? Money is what we use in our everyday life thus we need to earn more! Yes, I would like to earn more money. I want to have money in the bank. I want to invest in rare gold coins or just make it as a collection when I am already successful. I read that I could never go wrong if I choose Monaco of Monex company to guide me through that business. Yes, now I am thinking of venturing into something bigger so that my worries would go away real soon. We have to act on those worries.

Mar Roxas, unpopular?

on August-27-09

I read and heard that Mar Roxas got the last position in the recent survey for Presidentiables. Well, what was that survey? It only involved 1800 respondents and surely it does not represent the whole nation. They say though that surveys could either make or break a candidate.

Let us see on the next surveys.


on August-27-09

I really do not like this cycle that I am going through. Almost every month, I have this feeling of  anxiety and restlessness. I am discontented and afraid. Yes, I fear what would happen next. I know that it is not right. I have to erase all these negative feelings. Choose the good vibes. Oh, if you are seeing me right now, I am trying to concentrate and say a little chant. Okay, now I am laughing!

No more leg cramps

on August-27-09

When you are into rush, you would like to run! Oh, no! Leg cramps! No leg exercise? It is time to get a pedal exerciser. Well, why run when you could ride a bike? A pedal exerciser is an affordable equipment that could prepare those legs for some activity like running or biking!

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on August-26-09

Life is indeed a mystery. We do not know what would happen next.
Take for example the death of Ninoy Aquino. Why would the perceived to be good be the ones to perish early?
Then, we would say, there is always a purpose… for his death, yes… how about if it happened to an ordinary person? There are lots of crimes going on everyday. Even an innocent good man who is just walking quietly along the sidewalk looking for the perfect spot to wait for his ride might be a victim of such tragedy. That is why the word CRIME was invented maybe. All bad, . There is no good thing about that word, never.

The gadget man

on August-23-09

I have not given a gift to someone very close to me for such a long time now. Many ocassions had passed yet he did not receive anything from me. To think, he is very easy to please. Give him any gadget like satellite radios, wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, a hard drive or anything electronic and modern, surely he would be happy about it. Anyways, I already have something in mind. A few more weeks and my money would already be enough to buy that gift. What is it? Secret! He might be reading. I want it to be a surprise.

My sister is getting bigger everyday. It is real bad for her health because she is prone to heart ailments and stroke. Recently, she was rushed to the hospital because of intolerable headache caused by high blood pressure. I hope apidexin could help her to lose some weight. Maybe she should really start exercising too. She always says that she moves around the house all the time by doing all those household chores. However, I think that it is not really enough. I told her son to accompany her to walk around the village for at least 20 minutes everyday. When I am free, I might join them too.

Hard to resist

on August-18-09

Who would not like to go on Vegas vacations? I would definitely like to try a luxurious life even for a few days in Las Vegas. There are packages that are very affordable! All I have to worry now is how to get that visa. Well, during the interview, I am sure that that the consul would believe me that I would like to have that Vegas trip. Oh, I could not stop dreaming about it right now. The shopping, the shows, the casino, or just hanging around that beautiful hotel bedroom are all just hard to resist.