Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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I am sitting by the seashore. Yes, I could feel the sand. There comes the waves. The water run through my feet. Cold air. Breeze. There is a soft wind blowing my hair. There is the waiter not so far. He is waiting for me to call him if I wanted some drinks. Or, I could just stand and go to the nearby restaurant and enjoy good food. Oh, the perfect family vacation, I could imagine! Well, dream no more! I could experience all these with Karisma Hotels. To further meet and exceed a traveler’s expectation, choose among its five resorts. There is the Azul Blue which is just perfect for families. You would have your own butler to attend to your needs and all you just have to do is rest, relax and enjoy!

The remedy

on July-27-09

My friend bought two boxes of her favorite cereal. No, not because she would like to eat and go back to cereals again but because of the VCD that goes with it. Yes, she said that she would do dancing this time. However, she only did dance for about two days. After that, the VCD was just kept in its case. Well, she might just take diet pills. I told her to go to this blog and click here for weight loss pills. She said that I do not have to tell her about it because she already bought one brand that she hopes would work for her. Good luck! 😉

The wheel of life keeps on spinning for Manny Pacquiao and his family. Aling Dionesia, his mother who remained in her prayer room for the longest time praying for Manny’s every fight is now a celebrity. Yes, she entered showbizness. Maybe because other comedians like Pokwang is imitating her so why not she be the one in the limelight. I think she has been earning already as she already appeared in some commercials in TV and print ads.

Congratulations, Nanay Dionesia!

Rainy days

on July-27-09

It is raining cats and dogs here! Nobody would like to go out of the house. Good thing if we have something to eat inside the fridge. However, when it is raining and cold, we tend to crave for so many things. We like to eat pizza or noodles from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Yes, we could always give them a call for delivery service. What if your land line is prepaid and has no load and so with your mobile phone? I am sure that you wish your favorite establishment has a toll free phone number , right? If all companies and businesses have toll free numbers then it would be very convenient for its customers. I wonder what is keeping others from getting one. Here in our country, even the collect calls before were not free or the telephone company did not have a toll free number that anybody could dial. Today, there is already a free number. Very convenient, indeed.

Sometimes, vanity numbers are mistaken to be toll free numbers because of the number sequence or the presence of the 8 series. I am fortunate to have a mobile number with many 8s in it. Yes, my friends thought I have a vanity number. Thanks to the one who processed my application and gave me that number. My mobile number is very easy to memorize.

I am encouraging businesses to get the 800 toll free numbers series for easy recall. See your business grow and boom in no time because of this.

They say that it is the benefit that you do not like to avail. What is it? Health benefits. Well, nobody would like to get sick. Even though, it is for free having an insurance coverage, it is still best to be healthy. Could that be the reason why healthy and strong people are offered cheap health insurance rates while those who are old and sickly have expensive insurance premiums or sometimes would not qualify at all?

As of me, I believe in health insurance. I feel that it still better to be always prepared. Hospitalization costs are very high as to the room rates, medications and doctor’s fees. Get a health insurance, now! Affordability is always the name of the game, though. Study the benefits or the comprehensive coverage to achieve maximum use.

We attended a birthday party last week. It was my first time to meet the spouses of some of our friends. The mother of the birthday celebrant is close to us. Well, she was really beautiful that day. She and her daughter had matching dresses and just like celebrities, they also had change in outfits. Our friend also prepared cue cards where she wrote her dedication for her daughter and acknowledgments. We were teasing her that she should have informed us that there would be costume changes so that we could have prepared also. :) What about her husband? I told our friend that his husband’s face looked fresh as if  he just came from a facial. She asked how did I know. Well, it was easy to tell breakouts treated with acne products from those that are just left to come and go on its own. Yes, her husband had big pimples or was it acne? Anyways, it does not matter at all. Thanks to his dermatologist.

We would like to have a wii fit inside our house. We think that it is one of the best innovations in exercise. You know, sometimes exercise is boring. Wii makes exercise enjoyable. It is like playing your favorite sports and winning! Well the taste of victory is always sweet. Do you have a Wii already? Check out some Wii accessories at I would like to buy the Wii & GameCube – Twister DDR Dance Pad and the CTA Digital Premium Boxing Gloves for Wii. Well, I would like to try boxing. Dancing on the other hand is a good form of aerobic exercise.

Though there was heavy rains last July 16, I went on and watched Harry Potter. It is the initial offering of the new I-Max theater at SM North Edsa. I was excited about this. It was not because I am a Harry Potter fan but because I love the 3D or 4D technology. I could imagine bats and sorcerers coming into life, flying over the movie audience. I could not contain the thrill. I already watched a movie in an I-max theater, that was in SM MALL OF ASIA and I thought I knew what to expect. Well, P400 was all worth it if ever.

Off to the movies! As I sat down at seat number 18 at the perfect part of the theater, I could also hear the other moviegoers excited and could not wait for the movie to start…

So, I got the I-max experience but only at the beginning of the movie. Most parts or after that few minutes of “I-max”, it was as if you were inside a regular theater. Next time I would watch at an I-max theater, I would ask first if the whole duration of the movie would be in 3D or 4D. I did not get my money’s worth after all!

Fight fat

on July-16-09

One of the greatest battles of everybody who wants to get back to his or her ideal weight is how to lose fat. Is it really on the proper diet or exercise? Other people say that as long as you have the enough amount of activity to burn the calories you have taken in, surely, you would be able to maintain your present weight. How about the losing part? Should you go in a hunger strike? They say that to zip the mouth is the best solution. For me, it is still good nutrition and exercise. Diet supplements could also help.

Yahooo! Today is the day. Harry Potter would be shown at I-Max theater! We do not have to go to SM Mall of Asia which is miles away from our town. There is an I-Max theater now at SM North Edsa which ia just a breath away from our place. Now, we could have a better movie experience. I have my ticket as early as July 10! Well, I would like to have the best seat for the maximum satisfaction of watching.

Okay! I am going to watch at 145PM schedule. It is movie time!