Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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How to keep skin young?
Work and environment. Lifestyle. Dietary habits.
Avoid sun.
Eat fruits. Detoxify so that toxins would come out.
Eat a balance diet.
Vitamins and minerals important for collagen production is necessary to keep young.
Red meat is not bad. Eat in moderation.

It is still advisable to maintain helathy diet and lifestyle.


on June-29-09

I overslept. I woke up 6AM and the prompt on the assignment says that I only have 26 minutes to finish it. Oh, no! What am I going to do? I could not think of something and I have to go to work and all that. I should have done it yesterday but I went to be earlier than usual. I should have taken some chocolates to keep me awake?

Dream vacation

on June-28-09

I am so exhausted! I want to go on a cruise and enjoy a grand vacation! Oh, if only I could just ride that ship and go to Bahamas or to Alaska or even to take that dream European cruise, I will, right now! Anybody there who would be willing to sponsor my trip? Better yet, I would just save for it. Yes, it is not bad at all to eye for that. After all, you work hard. We work hard. We deserve the vacation of our life. What better way to do it but to communicate with the sea? I love nature. I love water. Oh, I am really looking forward to have that tour! I am so excited!

Shoes for her niece

on June-27-09

One of my friends is going to leave the country for good. The reason? Everybody’s reason. That is to seek greener pasture. This early, even if she is not yet in the land of milk and honey, her relatives and the rest of the people who are close to her are trying to cheer her up so that she would not be home sick. Well, the usual goodbyes and see you soon and bring me this and that talk. I heard one of her nieces asking for shoes. She said that she wants Naot shoes. I think her niece has a great taste for shoes. I searched for Naot shoes online and I love some pairs for myself. No, I did not tell my friend to buy me one too. I might just purchase it online.

There are so many things I want to do right now. I want to pursue my profession. I want to take review classes so that I could pass the boards. When I already passed the boards, I would work as a volunteer in hospitals or clinics then eventually resign from my present job right now. Maybe I would take part time jobs only then land a permanent job that involves my real profession.

I do not know if I could do that because I could not afford to lose my present job.

Anyways, I know that I could still make it if I have focus.

Free auction

on June-25-09

They say that when you buy things thru auctions, you get the best deals. You get something valuable at a very reasonable price. However, not everyone could be invited to an auction. Most of the times, auctions are by invite only.

Good news to all! There are free online auctions that you could join! Yes, only at You could bid on antiques, art, dolls, baby items and so much more. This is really good!

Thank God that my nephew finally decided to go back to school. It is the best gift that he gave to his Mom who is celebrating her birthday today.

My sister did not take a leave and I wonder how she would celebrate her birthday. It could have been perfect timing because there are no classes. However, she has to report for work.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to my Sister!

New car!

on June-23-09

My friend is studying auto insurance quotes. Well, she is about to buy a car and she would like to get a good deal. She would be asking the dealer to include insurance fees for at least a year for free! Wise, huh! She would be buying a brand new car this time thus she want everything ironed out.

Car insurance is really a must. Recently, there was a car stolen around the vicinity and luckily, the car was insured. It was not as painful for the owner because she could buy a new one.

I am watching Raul Gonzales right now. He is saying that he would go for the Mayor position in Ilo-ilo city. He said that he does not expect to stay in the cabinet when the President is already out. He said that he is sure that he would win.

Raul Gonzales is already old. As a matter of fact, he already went under the knife. He had a kidney transplant. However, he is alive and strong. Very articulate and full of passion. He said that whatever left in his life, he would spend it in serving his city.

No need to resign

on June-12-09

Life is a continuous learning process. Each day, something new is invented. To keep up, we should attend seminars, do some research or if you would really like in depth knowledge of something, you could take online college courses. Yes, you could study online at Capella University. I, myself would like to enroll at Capella. If you want, you could listen to its podcasts. Hear it from the horse’s mouth. From there, you would know how Capella is as an online university. There are Capella students, faculty and staff featured in those podcasts.

Studying online is the best thing that happened for the working class. Anyone now who would like to pursue additional education can do it now without the need to resign from their jobs.

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