Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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I have been in the limbo for quite some time. Thinking about the future. What would happen tomorrow?Boy, I am not getting any younger! I am about to turn 40 real soon. I want to at least achieve something before I reach 40. They say that life begins at 40? Yes, and I want a good start by that time! I really hope that my wheel would go to the right directions.

Willie Revillame is a celebrity in the Philippines. His life is like a wheel. He experienced so many ups and downs and now he is on top. Recently, there was a groundbreaking of his soon to be theater mall in the city. That is really something big for the poor drummer boy before.

We’ve gone big

on May-16-09

A relative of ours who lives abroad went here for a visit two weeks ago. Yesterday, we were chatting and his wife was telling us that her husband was saying that we all need the best fat burners in town because we all have gone so big! Well, it was really nice to eat and you tend to eat more when you were in a good company. That was vacation was all about, huh! :)

I think I lost some money today. I really do not know but as far as I could remember, I still have some money inside my wallet. I checked before going to be and found out tha I am missing 700 bucks. Well, it hurts you know. I could have bought a pair of shoes or a can of milk for that. I learned my lesson. From now on, I would not bring too much cash. Less exposure is better.

Report it

on May-15-09

I wonder if there would come a time that mesothelioma would be given some attention too. The swine flu is very popular nowadays because of reported cases. Maybe because the symptoms are really common thus they could already conclude what causes the ailment of the individual. To think that some of the signs could be that of mesothelioma also. Though the disease has a particular cause, that is asbestos exposure and not everyone could be affected, I think that if only all the people who could have been or might have been inflicted with mesothelioma would come out, there would be a greater number to compare it with the current swine flu.

I just watched from the news that a famous celebrity here returned the supposed mother’s day present to her from her husband. Actually, it was sort of a gift pledge but when the celebrity’s own mom heard about it and learned about the price tag of the supposed gift, she advised her daughter not to let her husband buy it anymore.What was the supposed gift? A pair of shoes. I am sure it is a branded pair. It is a known fact that products with brands are more expensive. Sometimes, even comes with an unimaginable price. That is why every business person is particular with Branding.

To be able to get a name recall, you should work hard for it. In anything, there should really be blood and sweat. Would you likeĀ  to be at least spared of some of the extra jobs? Yes, you could hire someone to do the image building for you. There is Brand Identity Guru to lend a helping hand. Actually, they could do almost everything when it comes to branding and c reating your own mark. Give them the information they need and they would lead you by the hand. It is really the name to trust. Head on to the site now!

I am really excited and at the same time sad about the final episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 5. I heard in the news that ellen Pompeo is an expectant mom now and they are going to include her mother role in the next season. That is what? Until June? Oh, I could not wait! Anyways, I am looking for the MerDer wedding and I hope that Izzie would not die. I do not like George to disappear or leave the show neither.


on May-13-09

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If I could find cheap fat burners, I would definitely grab some or even hoard it if proven to be safe and effective. Now, I would have an excuse to eat everything I want. Kidding aside, I think that fat burners are important especially for people like me who has been struggling the battle with the dreaded fat. Many products have its own promise but affordability is another issue that has to be dealt with.

Keep it coming!

on May-9-09

I did not get the increase that I was hoping for. I was one step down the ladder. I am just thankful that I have an extra job. I just think that I just have to work hard for whatever difference I should have gotten and I do not mind working hard for it at all. It is sort of a challenge. I hope that all my prayers would be aswered though for more extra jobs. As always, the One Up There answers my every intention. I could not be more thankful than ever. Keep it coming!